Xbox Game Pass Helps Boost Marvel’s Avengers Player-Count

Marvel’s Avengers became free for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers last week and which has helped draw in hordes of new players.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Benji-Sales pointed out that Marvel’s Avengers quickly became one of the most popular games on Xbox Game Pass right after its induction into the subscription-based platform.

Marvel’s Avengers has now further risen in popularity by entering the top 15 most-played games list on Xbox (all consoles and services included) in the United States. It hence goes without saying that landing the action role-playing brawler on Xbox Game Pass was a wise decision on the part of publisher Square Enix.

Marvel’s Avengers was released last year to a rather lukewarm reception. Many players appreciated the campaigns and storytelling, but at the same time felt that the loot system was incredibly broken and the endgame was quite lacking. While some players criticized the combat mechanics, the game has been generally termed as a fun experience but which could have been a lot better.

Since its launch however, developer Crystal Dynamics has pushed a ton of improvements in all areas. Marvel’s Avengers recently received its War for Wakanda expansion pack and Spider-Man will soon be swinging in as a PlayStation-exclusive playable character. There are new raids inbound where players will face off Klaw as well as new enemies, and other surprises in store.

Crystal Dynamics will be sharing its content plans for 2022 around the coming holiday season. The developer has already assured that players can expect a lot more content coming their way in Marvel’s Avengers.

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