Xbox Game Pass Is Making Used Games A Thing Of The Past

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is apparently making many stores that sell used games dissatisfied due to its rental service apparently being much more convenient for players. Numerous retailers have said that they’ve stopped carrying used Xbox games because the service is so effective that players stop buying used games.

Game Pass is intended for players to be able to pay a small ten dollar monthly fee in order to essentially rent any game on the catalogue list and play as much of it as they want, saving them the trouble of having to buy a used game and allowing them to at least try out a game they’re interested in, but also to easily return it if it turns out they don’t like it.

The system gives players a massive amount of choice across over a hundred games that, like Microsoft’s backwards compatibility service, is being constantly expanded. Available games include Halo Wars: The Definitive Edition, Gears of War 4, ReCore, Halo 5: Guardians, State of Decay, Dead Rising 3, XCOM: Enemy Within, Mass Effect, and Braid, among others.

However, while gamers might be happy about this, retailers are certainly not. With many game stores such as GameStop or other, smaller chains relying a great deal on used games and trade-ins, the convenience and cheaper pricing of the Xbox Game Pass makes players much less likely to buy a used game unless they can’t find one that they want on the Game Pass.

With Game Pass covering the used games spectrum, and the Backwards Compatibility service covering vintage Xbox games (however little it actually gets used), it seems like Microsoft is fulfilling one of its original Xbox One promises in a much more agreeable manner. Back when the console was first coming out, Microsoft was going to include a registry that was apparently intended to remove the prospect of used games. However, they removed that when the console came out.

Either way, those game stores that have taken hits because of how successful Xbox Game Pass has been will have to find another way to adapt.