Microsoft Is All Ears For Your Ideas On Xbox Game Pass Improvements

Microsoft is eager than ever on improving the gaming experience of their user-base by looking for suggestions for Xbox Game Pass. Team Xbox is asking the gaming community to come and put up their feedback on the Xbox Game Pass so that they may mend the issues with the subscription of service.

The Team Xbox at Microsoft is currently dedicated to the cause of knowing what more do they have to give to its customers. Users can go on the official website to give feedback on any features or options that Xbox Game Pass lacks and must provide firsthand. Many ideas are being submitted on the website in the meantime. A list of the ideas given out by now is provided to see if what you’re going to propose to Team Xbox isn’t already there.

If any individual finds an already submitted idea feasible then you can simply vote for that idea by giving an email and a name. Provided ideas on the suggestion section include issues like auto-renewal of annual Xbox Game Pass subscription at a discounted amount.

However, if you don’t seem to find the issue that you think is necessary reported on the Xbox Game Pass idea suggestions list, you can enter and submit you’re own suggestion. Your submission will enter a queue to be examined later by Team Xbox. This team will be looking to clarifying your idea, removing any language barrier or misconduct and check the potential your suggestion has for any meaningful impact on the Game Pass.

On various occasions, the Xbox Game Pass has been dubbed as the “Netflix for video games”. The reason behind the subscription service being considered as a sanctum by the Xbox users is justified given the range of games it offers. More than 100 games are available for unlimited access at $11.99 (Canadian Dollar) on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Xbox Game Pass has been offering a variety of games by regularly adding up to the digital archive in the past months. Besides Microsoft is committed to offering a new game for the subscription service every now and then in the times to come on a regular basis.

Source: MobileSyrup

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