Microsoft’s Reportedly Bringing An Xbox Game Pass Family Plan

Microsoft is reportedly planning to make its subscription-based Xbox Game Pass service even better in the near future.

According to a report by WindowsCentral earlier today, Xbox Game Pass will be getting a “family plan” in the “near future” that Microsoft has been considering for a while now. The family plan will allow active subscribers to share their subscriptions with up to five other users at a cheaper price than what they would normally pay for separate accounts.

All five subscribers will get access to the entire library of games and will be able to play together on a single Xbox Game Pass subscription. There will be no limitations of any kind except that the subscription will be managed by a single user who pays for the higher tier family plan package.

It remains unknown if family subscriptions are coming to all Game Passes, including Ultimate and PC Game Pass. Microsoft could roll out the feature for consoles only before including PC.

Either way, a family plan will work well to boost the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers which stands at over 25 million as of January 2022.

Xbox Game Pass currently costs $10 per month to access a large catalog of games. Upgrading to the Ultimate version for $15 per month grants subscribers access to online multiplayer as well as some other features.

The family plan tier, whenever it gets announced, will cost a bit more.

Xbox Game Pass has seen tremendous growth as it ventures into its fifth year. Its pivotal success managed to convince Sony Interactive Entertainment to overhaul PlayStation Plus to forge a Game Pass-like subscription platform.

That being said, the all-new PlayStation Plus does not feature day one releases for its first-party games, a feature that undoubtedly gives Xbox Game Pass the upper hand.

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