Xbox Game Pass Will Help Contraband “Grow” But Not For Cash, Says Avalanche CEO

Contraband will be published by Xbox Game Studios and will hence land on Xbox Game Pass on day one. However, the decision to approach Microsoft for the use of its subscription-based service was not entirely motivated by cash.

Speaking with GamesIndustry in a recent interview, developer Avalanche Studios’ CEO Pim Holfve stated that Xbox Game Pass will help Contraband reach a high player-base, which is important because the game features co-op play where players must pull off heists in an open world inspired by the 1970s.

A growing player-base will in turn help with revenue but money was never the main reason behind having Contraband on Xbox Game Pass. Avalanche Studios wants to use the platform to “entertain” a massive community of smugglers.

“Our main key objective is growing our userbase… even if it’s not ours directly — in this case, it’s going to be Xbox’s,” said Holfve.

“But we know that if we grow the userbase, we know that the money and revenue will come. The main motivator for us as a company is not cash, it’s entertainment — we’re entertaining vast numbers of people.”

Holfve also noted that Contraband was never a concept which Avalanche Studios could pitch to any other publisher. There were other options out there but it “made a lot of sense to work with Xbox on this because of the grandness of the project.”

Contraband was announced by Microsoft during its Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase at E3 2021 last month. It remains without a release window and according to Holfve, will release “some time in the future” for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as well as PC.

Confirming a release date would be too soon at this time since Avalanche Studios has not even shown its new co-op heist game. The only thing confirmed is that the developer will be “pushing boundaries” on Xbox consoles with its updated Apex Engine, which powered the Just Cause franchise.

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