Xbox Elite Controller V3 Reportedly Coming in 2023

It's been reported that Xbox Elite Controller V3 will arrive in 2023. A Forza based gaming peripheral is also expected in 2023.

According to multiple gaming industry insiders, Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller V3 is in the works and we can expect it to launch in 2023 (or may be sooner).

As you may already know, Xbox Elite series controllers, as the name suggests are one of the best gamepads in the market. They have a hefty price tag as well but the product you get in return is totally worth it. Elite Series controller 1 & 2 are already available in the market and now, it seems like that Microsoft has decided that it’s time for an Elite Controller V3.

Popular Spanish insider, eXtas1s has shared on Twitter that his sources have corroborated with him about the new V3 Elite controller:

So reportedly, the launch of the new Elite Controller would be tied to a major release. His tweet was shared by IdleSloth and in the same thread, another famous insider, Jez Corden commented as well. According to Jez, we might even see a new Elite controller sooner than 2023.

eXtas1s also shared that Microsoft could also bring a Forza related accessory in 2023. Considering it’s Forza related, it could very well be driving wheel. He did mention that he can’t confirm whether it will a first party accessory like the Elite controller or will be a licensed one.

Sony’s Dualsense for PS5 has been admired a lot in the industry for its features like Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback. While Xbox controllers could do these functions to a limited extent, fans are expecting an upgrade for regular Xbox Series controllers as well. Xbox Elite V2 brought some good new features and now, expectations are quite high for the rumored Xbox Elite Wireless Controller V3. Let’s just hope that it will be lighter for our pockets as well.

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