Xbox Co-Creator Hints At The Possibility Of Original Xbox Controller Duke For Xbox One

Xbox Co-creator Seamus asked whether people would be interested if he worked with Phil Spencer to release original Xbox controller Duke for Xbox One

Xbox co-creator Seamus Blackley seems to have dropped a huge bombshell on the Xbox community, hinting that there might be a possibility of a Duke for Xbox One release.

Seamus posted his question on Twitter asking fans whether they would be interested in buying it if Microsoft went ahead and made an official Xbox One compatible Duke. For those too young or don’t remember it, the controller for the original Xbox console, released back in 2001, was codenamed Duke.

While Duke was far from being a popular controller, mainly criticized for being too bulky especially when comparing to other controllers in the market at that time, there are many people who liked its design and perhaps that is why Microsoft is interested in recreating it for the new console, just for the nostalgia value.

Why exactly is the controller S, codenamed Akebono, which was originally released only to Japanese market and then relaunched in all other regions after people criticized Duke, not being remade is unclear.

With the hashtag “bigisback” used by Seamus, it seems like Microsoft is more interested in causing ripples in the current console game industry instead of worrying about the feasibility of such a release.

After all, the original Duke did cause some ripples back in the day and even ended up in Guinness World Records in 2008 as the biggest game controller.


Releasing the Duke for Xbox One wouldn’t be such a bad idea and many Xbox gamers who have been part of the community would love to try it out on the new console every once in a while, especially for Halo which was part of the Xbox launch lineup.

The 15th Anniversary of Xbox is coming up and if Microsoft does decide to go through with building the Duke for Xbox One, it is safe to assume they will make an official announcement on November 15th, the date when the original Xbox launched in US.

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