Report: Xbox Lockhart Gives Half the GPU Performance of Xbox Anaconda on the Same Architecture

Microsoft’s next-generation console plan includes the new Xbox Anaconda and Xbox Lockhart. The new Xbox console generation for the first time brings us two models. Both machines will use the same AMD chips but offer different performances outputs. According to insider Brad Sams, Xbox Lockhart and Anaconda will feature the same Zen 2 based CPU but the GPU is where both consoles will differ from one another.

Xbox Lockhart gives half the GPU performance compared to the more powerful Xbox Anaconda. Both Xbox consoles will feature the same GPU but there are going to be different performance characteristics. If we are to speculate, the performance difference will come down to resolution and possibly frame rates.

It is to be noted that we do not know which one of these consoles are going to be leading the next Xbox generation but multiple reports say that it is Anaconda that will lead the charge. Meanwhile, Lockhart is the more affordable, cheaper option with half the GPU performance. It could very well be the other way around. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Coming back to the topic, Lockhart is reportedly a 1080p/60FPS console while Xbox Anaconda is a native 4K gaming machine. Microsoft has been able to push native 4K to 60FPS in certain games already with Xbox One X. It isn’t hard to imagine the new Xbox Anaconda being able to do the same but with the majority of its games.

The next line of Xbox consoles is expected to appear at E3 2019 where a fall 2020 release window will be announced. Apart from performance output, another major differentiator is price. It makes sense to avoid going beyond the $499 price tag as it would a hard sell in 2019. The premium model, Xbox Anaconda should be around $499 while Xbox Lockhart should retail at an affordable $399.

One of these days we will get more Xbox news, possibly a teaser before E3 2019.

Now let’s talk about what rival PlayStation plans to do with its next-generation machines. PS5, just like the new Xbox, will be using the AMD Zen 2 CPU. While we aren’t aware of what GPU next Xbox is going for, PS5 is confirmed to be using a custom Navi GPU.

Sony is skipping E3 2019 so the stage is all to Microsoft. The next PlayStation will reportedly be discussed at PSX 2019.

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