Xbox To Fully Support AMD FSR 2.0 Upscaling Tech

AMD will be bringing its FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 (FSR) upscaling, rendering technology to Xbox consoles (and developers) in the near future.

In an announcement made earlier today, AMD confirmed that FSR 2.0 will be “fully supported on Xbox and will be available in the Xbox GDK for registered developers to use in their games”.

The red chipmaker furthermore noted that it is not privy to information about when players “can expect to see any Xbox games with FSR 2.0″.

FSR 2.0 was announced last week for PC as a means to allow players to achieve higher resolutions and better frame rates on older hardware. The AMD-led technology is designed to use artificial intelligence to upscale games from lower resolutions for increased performance metrics. Hence, relinquishing the need of upgrading system specifications for newly released games.

“FSR 2.0 is our next-level temporal upscaling technology with incredible image quality,” said AMD. “It has been built by AMD from the ground up to deliver similar or better than native image quality and is designed to help boost framerates in supported games.”

FSR 2.0 is a rival to Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology but unlike Nvidia, does not use machine learning for its upscaling technology. DLSS also needs either an Nvidia GeForce RTX 20 series or a newer graphics card. FSR 2.0 however will work on any graphics card, AMD or Nvidia, old or new.

Deathloop was confirmed last week to be the first game to support FSR 2.0 on PC. Forspoken will be the second, featuring various AMD FidelityFX technologies in addition to AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution. Forspoken will also be the first game to support the new Microsoft DirectStorage technology for greater optimizations on PC.

Forspoken, previously known as Project Athia, will be released for PlayStation 5 and PC somewhere in October 2022 following a delay.

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