Xbox 360 Games May Come to EA Access via Xbox One BC

EA Access is an exclusive Xbox One service that allows users to try full games a few days before the game’s release. In addition, you get demos and trials etc.

The service is limited to Xbox One games but now that we have backwards compatibility, what about Xbox 360 games for EA Access? Well, the possibility is being investigated.

Many EA games are already available to play on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility. EA adding new 360 games to EA Vault will be a neat feature, one that would be greatly appreciated by fans.

EA Access is available to Xbox One users for $4.99 a month or you can get the annual subscription for $29.99. It is already bang for your buck kind of a service, and if EA adds XB360 games, it will bring nothing but more value to EA Access.

Which Xbox 360 games would you like to see on EA Access? Comment with your choice down below!

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