Xbox 360 Error Code – Troubleshooting Guide

Your Xbox 360 just stared flashing red lights and you don’t have any warranty left? Doomed? Not really.

All you need is some basic knowledge about hardware and you can use our guide to fix the issue. Now before we discuss the major issues and their solutions, you should know why your console is flashing those lights. It can be due to many reasons. Most common reasons are:

  1. Your console got overheated
  2. Cable connection got loose. It can be any cable.
  3. Something went wrong with the hardware (Solder joint problems, short circuiting and missing parts).

There can be other small issues, each of these corresponds to an error code. How one can know about the error code while the console is not working?

Xbox 360 Error Code Guide – How to Know about Corresponding Error Code

It’s easy.

  • Turn on your console and wait till the red lights start flashing. These red lights are also famous as the “Red Ring of Death”.
  • Press and hold that small button (also known as the sync button) and by holding it, press the eject button.
  • The blinking LED’s will now show the first digit of your error code.
  • If all 4 lights are blinking then it means “0”. If one light is blinking then it means that it’s “1”. Two lights refer to the digit “2” and if you have 3 blinking lights, then it means 3.
  • Repeat the same procedure (holding the sync button and pressing eject) 4 times and you will have 4 digit code which actually corresponds to your problem.
  • If you do it for the 5th time, three red lights will start flashing like in the first step.

Caution: You should know that opening you console will void any warranty left you have from the dealer. So if your console is still is in warranty, it is better to send it back to claim it rather than repairing it yourself (specially when you don’t know how to open the console and it’s various components). You can take help from this guide if you are out of warranty and don’t wanna pay extra for the repairs. If anything goes wrong, we are not responsible for any of your damage.

Xbox 360 Error Codes and Solutions

#1 Error Code 0122
This error occurs due to overheating of your console (usually in Xbox 360 Slim).

Possible solutions

  1. Apply the new thermal paste.
  2. Make sure heat sink is in contact with the heat disperser.

#2 Error Code 1000/1001
This error can occur while placing any mod chip or flashing your drive. DVD drive doesn’t eject from the tray.

Possible Solutions

  1. Check the DVD power and SATA cable for any damage and replace them if necessary.
  2. If you have soldered a modchip to the drive recently. You should make sure it is installed properly otherwise the flash chip isn’t powered.

#3 Error Code 1002
This error occurs when you replace the DVD Drive and forget to spoof it with the correct version string.

Possible Solutions

  1. You can re-flash the firmware with the correct Vendor version string using your computer.

#4 Error Code 1003
The main reason for this error is fault in hard drive.

Possible Solutions

  1. Since repairing the hard drive is not usually possible, you need to replace it.
  2. If it is due to something other than the hard drive then you can try the Southbridge X-Clamp fix.

#5 Error Code 1010
This error can occur due to fault in hard drive or due to loose connection of hard drive with the main board. It can also be due to the wrong security sector.

Possible Solutions

  1. You can replace your hard drive.
  2. You can apply the Southbridge X-Clamp fix or re-flow it.

#6 Error Code 1011
Possible reasons for this error can be defective hard drive and unreadable security sector.

Possible Solutions

  1. If you changed something, then revert it to make things back to normal.
  2. Replace the drive if it is damaged.
  3. Unplug the drive and plug it back in.

#7 Error Code 1013
This error can be due to multiple reasons like cold joint under Southbrige, fault in circuit or due to failing dashboard update.

Possible Solutions

  • Patch for the fall update(search Google for it)/ Insert the NXE Update disc before the error screen pops up
  • Reflow the Southbridge
  • Southbridge X-Clamp Fix

#8 Error Code 1020
It occurs due to loose pin or can be a problem with NAND.

Possible solutions

  1. Patch for the fall update. Insert the NXE Update disc before the error screen pops up
  2. Reflow the Southbridge
  3. Southbridge X-Clamp Fix

#9 Error Code 1021
It occurs due to problems in joints under Southbridge or GPU.

Possible Solutions

  1. Southbridge X-Clamp-Fix
  2. Reflow the Southbridge/Ethernet chip area
  3. Check the area under the Southbridge for parts that might have fallen off

#10 Error Code 1022
This error also occurs due to the problematic joints under GPU or the HAVAN chip.

Possible Solutions

  1. If you have done anything to the main board before this error occurred, revert it
  2. Replacement of X-clamps can solve the problem
  3. If there is a lot of flexing under the GPU, bake the board to un-flex it
  4. Try re-flowing GPU and HANA chip

#11 Error Code 1023/1030
These errors usually are related to Ethernet chip.

Possible Solutions

  1. Replace your network chip
  2. Try reconnecting the DVD drive properly.
  3. Reflowing network chip and network chip may solve the problem.

#12 Error Code 1031
This error can be due to damaged Ethernet chip or due to voltage changes.

Possible Solutions

  1. Replace the damaged chip
  2. Re-flow the Network chip and Southbridge

#13 Error Code 1033
It can be due to defective hard drive or a cold join under Southbridge.

Possible Solutions

  1. Replace the drive.
  2. If the drive is good then you can try reflowing Southbridge or apply the Southbridge X-Clamp fix.

#14 Error Code 1100
This error can occur due to failure in dashboard update.

Possible Solutions

  1. Downgrade to the old dashboard. Solder the resistor back on and then try updating your Xbox 360.

#15 Error Code 0011
This error occurs due to overheating of the CPU. The main reason being – heat is not dissipated through the heat sink properly.

Possible Solutions

  1. Make sure the heat sink makes proper contact with the chip so that the heat can be dissipated properly.

#16 Error Code 0012
This error usually occurs due to overheating of GPU.

Possible Solutions

  1. Replace the GPU X-clamps.
  2. Change the thermal paste that might not be nworking properly
  3. Try tightening the bolts of GPU clamps

#17 Error Code 0013
In most of the cases, it’s a Cold Solder joint under any of the RAM bricks.

Possible Solutions

  1. Put the faulty RAM brick under pressure with a 3mm thick craft foam pad.
  2. Re-flowing the RAM chips can deliver the goods(Oven Reflow is suggested for the bottom RAM)

#18 Error Code 0000
This error occurs due to unknown reasons. Following solutions have worked for others, they might also work for you.

Possible Solutions

  1. Clean the dust under Southbridge and HANA chip
  2. Reflowing the Southbridge might prove useful
  3. Change the X-clamps

#19 Error Code 0001/0002
These errors are reported to occur due to faults in power circuits or cables. Can also occur due to problem in Ethernet chip or DVD power cable.

Possible Solutions

  1. Make sure that the power supply is doing good. Immediately replace it if it is faulty
  2. Scan the main board for any short circuiting
  3. Replace the X clamps
  4. Re-flowing the CPU and HANA chip might solve the problem

#20 Error Code 0003
You can face this error if the CPU is not getting the appropriate power.

Possible Soultions

  1. Check if the standby voltages are existent, if they are not in any region, replace the parts in the area which are likely to be defective.
  2. X-clamp replacement might fix the issue
  3. Check the main board for any short circuiting.

#21 Error Code 0010
It occurs usually due to the faulty connection of Southbridge chip to the main board.

Possible Solutions

  1. Apply Southbridge X-clamp fix
  2. Reflowing the chip can solve the issue
  3. Check for any fallen off parts and out them back to the proper place.

#22 Error Code 0020
This error can occur due to multiple reasons like bridged soldered joint under GPU, CPU or RAM.  It can also occur due to insufficient power supply or can occur due to missing or damaged component near GPU or CPU.

Possible Solutions

  1. X-Clamp replacement
  2. Flush with alcohol, let dry
  3. Reflow GPU (and RAM if this fails) area
  4. Reball the GPU and RAM, for bridged solder

#23 Error Code 0021
It can occur due to bridged soldered joint at GPU or Southbridge location. Can also be due to some damaged or missing component

Possible Solutions

  1. X-camp replacement
  2. Southbridge X-clamp fix
  3. If you have done some changes in the board then remove the wires as they might be consuming much power. Also look for any damaged capacitors or resistors
  4. Reflow the Southbridge area

#24 Error Code 0022
It can be a power issue or due to malfunctioning solder join under GPU or HANA chip. Also look for any damaged or missing part on the board.

Possible Solutions

  1. X clamp replacement
  2. Reflow GPU/HANA chips
  3. If you have done any changes to the system before it occurred, revert it back to the original
  4. It can also occur due to broken trace

#25 Error 0030
The probable reasons behind this error can be malfunctioning of temperature sensor.

Possible Solutions

  1. Reflow the CPU
  2. Replace the X clamps
  3. You can also try cutting CPU’s temp sensor trace

#26 Error Code 0031
This error can occur due to power short or disordered joint. It mostly occurs due to faulty RAM bricks.

Possible Solutions

  1. Loosen your heatsink a bit
  2. Replace your DVD power cord
  3. You might have to replace the faulty RAM brick
  4. X clamp replacement

#27 Error Code 0100
It can be a cold soldered joint like in 0102.

Possible Solutions

  1. X-clamp replacement
  2. Re-flow your GPU

#28 Error Code 0101
It can be due to problem in the soldered joint under the USB area or when a faulty USB plugged in.

Possible Solutions

  1. Unplug the connected USB and then try again
  2. Remove solder from the pins under the USB ports so that they are not shorting out anymore, also check the ports themselves and make sure that the pins inside aren’t bridging

#29 Error Code 0102
This error can occur either due to some missing component near the GPU or it can be a cold joint under GPU, CPU or the RAM bricks.

Possible Solutions

  1. X-clamp replacement
  2. Re-flow the GPU and RAM area

#30 Error Code 0103
It can either be due to fused capacitor under GPU or it can be a cold soldered joint problem.

Possible Solutions

  1. Remove short circuit from bridged capacitor under the GPU
  2. X-Clamp replacement
  3. Re-flow CPU/GPU/RAM

#31 Error Code 0110
It can occur due to any damage in solder joints.

Possible Solutions

  1. Re-flow the RAM
  2. Loosen your heatsink screws and make sure the heatsink isnt shorting out a capacitor
  3. Look for missing and bridged components like resisitors and caps and replace them
  4. X-Clamp replacement

#32 Error Code 0120
This error probably is related to RAM but the true cause is not confirmed.

Possible Solutions

  1. You can apply the Penny fix for RAM

#33 Error Code 0121
This error usually occurs due to solder joint problem. CPU can’t communicate with other parts in this case.

Possible Solutions

  1. Replace the X clamps
  2. Reflow your CPU

#34 Error Code 0200
It’s mostly due to joint problem under GPU or RAM.

Possible Solutions

  1. Re-flow your GPU and RAM
  2. Flushing the chips with alcohol can give better results
  3. Then you apply the X-clamp fix

#35 Error Code 0222
True reason behind this error is still unknown.

Possible Solution

  1. Replacing the X-clamps fixed the problem for few.

#36 Error Code 4444
This error is related to A/V cable.

Possible Solutions

  1. Try a different A/V cable
  2. Reflow the A/V connector
  3. Try re-flowing the HANA chip

1. There are chances that you encounter some errors that aren’t mentioned in the above list. You can note the error code and let us know. We will try to resolve your issue.

2. This guide has been written with advanced Xbox 360 users in mind. If you aren’t familiar with the terms used, either ask us or try to search for a more detailed walkthrough on those fixes.

Warning. Try these on your own risk – the guide is written only for educational purposes. won’t be responsible for any damage done.

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