X Rebirth’s First Expansion Pack Called The Teladi Outpost Announced

X Rebirth will soon be getting its first expansion pack called The Teladi Outpost, developer Egosoft has announced.

The expansion pack will introduce a new star system that will have its own storyline. It will also host a new space station owned by the Teladis – space-lizard-folks, as well as new Teladi ships and other items.

Until November 1, interested players can head over to Steam and pre-order the expansion pack for free. It’s of course mandatory to own X Rebirth first in order to validate your claim on the free expansion pack. That said, once the date has passed, everyone will have to pay to experience The Teladi Outpost.

It has been almost a year since the game’s release and usually titles see to their first expansion pack within the first two months.

However, in the case of X Rebirth, a very weak launch set the developer back by six months where they spent the time in fixing numerous game bugs, balancing gameplay, reworking systems and adding new features.

Egosoft is about to release patch 2.5 for the game which intends to fix various elements, and will also bring a new menu system, an external camera, new shipyards and more.

The Teladi Outpost is scheduled for release in December.

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