X Rebirth Crashes, Errors, Freezes, Bugs and Fixes

X series has a lot of history as the first game came out way back in 1999. Since then, Egosoft has made a lot of fans, and they are looking to increase that fan base with the 6th installment in the series, X Rebirth.

For the time being, the game is only available for Windows but Deep Silver is planning to bring it on Linux as well as consoles later.

Considering the history of “X” series and how Rebirth is shaping up, it seems that Egososft has a distinct way of doing things. The games they release have great mechanics but when it comes to UI and other small bugs, they lack the consistency.

Things aren’t that bad though as Egosoft is known for their good technical support. They are already attending to the feedback and trying to fix things as fast as they can. In the meanwhile, you can refer to the following workarounds/fixes to resolve the issues.

#1 X Rebirth – Game Crashes at 100% Loading
Many users had reported that they are experiencing game crash when the loading screen gets to 100%. Well, if you are out of clues, the following simple workaround can fix the problem for you.

  • First thing you need to do is right click on your audio icon in the system tray and the select “Playback Devices”.
  • You need to highlight your default playback device.
  • Then click the properties button and then go to advance.
  • You will be able to see “Default Format” option. You need to choose 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality) from the drop down menu.
  • Click OK and run the game.

The developer is aware of the issue and they are working on a fix. In the meanwhile, the above method is your only hope.

#2 X Rebirth – Mouse Cursor Disappears
If your mouse cursor is being disappeared after 1 second interval, you should try to disconnect any controllers/joysticks you have attached to your PC. Some users are also experiencing malfunctioning with their joysticks so if you are having troubles too, use your keyboard and mouse till a fix has been rolled out by the dev.

#3 X Rebirth Bug – Game Get Stuck Around the Cockpit
If you are stuck at some place during the game, try loading the previous save file and you might get through. If you saved the game at the point where you were stuck and it crashes when you re-load it, try the fix mentioned in #1.

#4 X Rebirth Crossfire/SLi Issue
The Crossfire/SLi isn’t working for many users for the time being. You will have to wait for the profile to come out by your GPU’s manufacturer. The game will run fine on a single card anyway.

#5 X Rebirth Bug – Can’t Sell or Buy Energy Cells
It’s one of many common bugs X Rebirth is presenting to multiple users. In case of selling, you will have to wait for your cargo ship to arrive as it contains the cells. If it still doesn’t work, I will suggest that you restart Steam to see if there is any update for the game as Egosoft is working to fix these bugs.

#6 X Rebirth – Crash Fix for Nvidia User
If you are an Nvidia user and nothing seems to be working out for you, I will recommend that you try out the following changes:

  • Go to your Nvidia Control Panel, 3D and disable all the options there.
  • You can also try disabling the Vsync from Nvidia’s control panel.

#7 X Rebirth – Invert Mouse Fix
You need to go to C:\Users\…\Documents\Egosoft\X Rebirth\55761099 and open config.xml using a text editor (notepad/wordpad). After the file is opened, you need to replace as the code as following:

change it to:

This way, you will have the inverted mouse in your game (only for the ego view).

#8 X Rebirth – Random Crash Fix
If your game is being crashed randomly (sometimes on startup and sometimes during the gameplay) and none of the above mentioned fixes have worked out for you, you can try out the following:

Make sure that you are not using an external monitor like your laptop connect to any external screen.
Try running the game in the windowed mode. To do that, go to properties in (steam ->x-rebirth ->right click) then launch options and then put the following command line there.

-windowed -width:XXXX -height:YYYY

X and Y of course are changeable with your preferred values.

#9 X Rebirth – How to Boost Performance/FPS
There are a few things you can try to improve game’s performance and frame rates:

  • First things first, make sure that you have up-to-date drivers for your hardware.
  • If you are running any third party applications in the background like Logitech Gaming Software, shut them down to improve the performance.
  • Try running the directx setup in CommonRedist folder that comes along with the game.

If you come across any other issues while playing X Rebirth, comment and we will try to help you out!

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