X-Men: Destiny Cheats and Unlockables Guide

Looking to aid your choices in X-Men: Destiny with cheats and glitches? you are in the right place. We have all the cheat codes and glitches that you can use in this detailed X-Men Destiny Cheats and Unlockables guide.

X-Men Destiny Cheats and Unlockables

To start off, you will need to put the specified code on the front of the insert at the “X Start” screen on the main menu. Adding that code will unlock a specific cheat or glitch that will reward you with specified benefits.

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All Costumes
To unlock all the costumes in X-Men: Destiny, Hold LB + RB, press Up, Down, Left, Right on your Xbox controller.

Emma Frost’s Costume
To unlock Emma Frost’s costume, Hold LB+RB and press Up, Down, Right, Left, B, Y on your controller

Juggernaut Suit
To unlock the Juggernaut Suit, hold L1 + R1 and Press D-Pad Down, Right, Up, Left, Triangle, and finally Circle button on your Playstation controller. You can press LB+RB, press down, right, up, left, Y, B on your Xbox 360 controller to unlock the same suit.

Infinite XP Glitch
Unlock the Gambit Defense gene and equip it. When you have it equipped, enemies will drop more XP. Play a challenge and then replay it as many times as you want from the main menu to accumulate as much XP you want.

Infinite X-Genes Glitch
Follow the infinite XP glitch and at the end, it will reward you with a different X-Gene every time you do it. You will either get a mutant X-Gene or an XPMutanator. The first one is white, the second one is a yellow color.

Unlock all Power Genes
On “A Start” menu, press Left, Right, Left, Right, Down. This will unlock all the Power genes in X-Men: Destiny.

Slow-motion glitch during Sentinel Boss Fight
During the Sentinel battle, if you activate Quicksilver’s X-Mode, and die whilst it is still in effect, when you respawn, the battle will carry on as if you were still in Quicksilver’s X-Mode.

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