WWE Mayhem Guide – What Are Advancement Levels, Best Classes, Team Tactics, How To Play (Tips and Tricks)

In this WWE Mayhem Guide, we will guide you on different mechanics of WWE Mayhem. Along with this, we have also listed some tips and tricks that will help you defeat every wrestler and become the ultimate ring champion. WWE Mayhem is available on your iOS and Android devices so you can take the fight anywhere you go.

The game has a very big roster of WWE superstars that you love. If you are a WWE fan, there is plenty for you in this portable WWE experience.

Here in this WWE Mayhem Guide, we have listed many useful tips and tricks that will help you get in the game instantly. If you are a new player then you will need this guide so that you are ready for the challenge when you start playing because the game is really fast when it comes to gameplay.

With WWE Mayhem, the action will not just stop when you leave your home. Take it with you, anywhere you go and own the competition with our WWE Mayhem Guide.

Tips and Strategies – WWE Mayhem Guide

Below you will find some tips and strategies that will help you understand the game. We have explained all major elements of the game such as combat, different wrestler class and using special moves.

We will tell you exactly what you should do when you come across a blocked enemy or how you can use different types of punches more effectively. We have also listed how you can get some free rewards in WWE Mayhem in our WWE Mayhem Guide. Our WWE Mayhem Guide details everything that you need to know about playing and owning the competition in WWE Mayhem.

Understanding Advancement Levels

There are two types of levels in WWE Mayhem that you need to be aware of! One is Player Level while the other is Wrestler Level. Player level is the level of your overall profile. It advances when you play the story and advance in it. Each new level unlocks new rewards for you including new play modes, which give much better rewards than normal game modes. Unlock events such as a new versus mode and event mode, which are good modes when you are looking for new rewards.

Wrestler levels are unique to each wrestler and you need to upgrade and play with each wrestler for it to increase. The more you upgrade a wrestler, higher its level will be. As it levels up, it becomes more and more powerful. Upgrading wrestlers is not cheap so focus on one wrestler that you use the most. You will require upgrade materials and cash to upgrade a wrestler.

Higher Difficulty Give Better Rewards

It goes without saying that higher difficulties give the best rewards in any game. It is applicable here as well. However, switch to a hard difficulty only if you are a WWE champion otherwise you will end up with a broken phone or at least a broken screen.

Practice the game and learn all basic mechanics first on a lower difficulty and when you think that you are finally able to take on the world on the highest difficulty, increase it accordingly.

Wrestler Classes

The game features six classes when it comes to wrestlers. There are Brawlers, Wildcards, Technicians, Powerhouses, High Fliers and Showmen. Each wrestler belongs to one of these class and they have strengths and weaknesses depending on this class.

Each class is strong and weak against a specific class. Owning a wrestler from each class is recommended but since that is not possible easily. We recommend that you focus on a wrestler’s weaknesses when upgrading it to next level. They will always be weaker against classes effective against them but upgrades reduce it somewhat.

The game mostly chooses the best wrestler for your but even then you need to make sure by looking at the stats that you are going prepared for a battle.

Team Tactics

You will have to create a team in WWE and each player will have an impact on the complete team. We recommend that you keep wrestlers that are most effective together to get the most out of them. For this, the game has a mechanic called synergies.

Synergies are special bonds that are between players giving them special boosts, which are not available when they are incompatible with each other. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep those wrestlers in your team that creates synergies so that each wrestler gets a team boost.


You can land different types of punches on your opponents and block your enemy attacks. You also have a special move that you can use when you have fully charged it. These special moves are unique for every wrestler.

These special moves are not stand alone moves but they are designed specifically so that you can incorporate them into your combos. You can easily balance them between your light punches. Once a special move begins, if your wrestler does not get enough time to connect it, he might be knocked out.

You can also block your enemy attacks. This means that your enemies can also block your attacks. When an enemy blocks, you should wait it out and then attack once the block is down. Hitting enemies when they are blocking will be of no use. You will get to know when an enemy is blocking when you start seeing white flashes.

This concludes our WWE Mayhem Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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