WWE 2K22 Patch 1.06 Removes Faction Wars Exploit

WWE 2K22 has received a new patch to remove a popular exploit that players were using for quick and easy wins.

According to patch notes 1.06 from earlier today, the MyFaction mode of WWE 2K22 has been updated to no longer allow players to win their Faction Wars matches in less than 30 seconds.

Faction Wars pits two teams of four wrestlers against each other, one controlled by the player and the other by the AI. These matches are designed to take longer than normal ones since trying to make an AI-controlled wrestler submit will often cause the other AI-controlled wrestlers to interfere.

However, players recently discovered an exploit in WWE 2K22 that allowed them to win their MyFaction matches in mere seconds. By fooling the AI-controlled wrestler to grab and use a weapon during the match, the AI-controlled team would be automatically disqualified and the match awarded to the player.

Faction Wars has rules against using weapons, meaning that the AI is specifically programmed to not grab any weapons during the match. However, the AI can still automatically steal a weapon from a player-controlled wrestler by grappling them. It is an in-game mechanic that was somehow missed by developer Visual Concepts for its MyFaction mode.

The exploit has now been patched out in WWE 2K22 by removing weapons from Faction Wars. When players reach under the ring, they will find nothing.

WWE 2K22 was released a couple of weeks back to generally favorable reviews on average. Its performance in terms of sales will reportedly decide whether the WWE ends its relationship with publishers Take-Two Interactive and 2K Sports for future wrestling games or not.

WWE is said to be musing giving its license to Electronic Arts “after the disappointment that was WWE 2K20 and the lackluster reception to WWE 2K Battlegrounds”.

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