WWE 2K22 General Manager Mode Rumored

WWE 2K22 might be the installment in the long-running franchise to bring a feature which players have been requesting for years now.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, well-known insider Millie A claimed that WWE 2K22 will feature a general manager mode where the players will become the general manager to run the entire entertainment company.

The wrestling fan-base has been asking for a full-blown general manager mode for several years now but which has never materialized for whatever reasons. WWE 2K22 fulfilling that wish will hence definitely turn several heads.

If the source is accurate, an announcement will be made in either November during the Survivor Series or in January 2022 during the Royal Rumble.

While still a rumor, it should be noted that a general manager mode also topped recent fan-votes which developer Visual Concepts and publisher 2K Sports have been doing for months now to involve fans and players alike with the development process.

For example, it was through fan-votes that WWE 2K22 will have two different covers. The male cover superstar will be Drew McIntyr from RAW while the female cover superstar will be Sasha Banks from SmackDown.

There hence stands a good chance that Visual Concepts will strongly consider a general manager mode for WWE 2K22 which releases in March 2022 for all supported platforms.

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