WWE 2K20 VC Farming Guide

The in-game currency of WWE 2K20 is called the virtual currency. It is used in order to buy the Superstars, Arenas, Championship, and to unlock so many more things in the game. Having a good amount of VC in your pocket is going to help you in WWE 2K20 and in some way, it is going to make a lot of things way too easy for you so lets start farming, shall we?

WWE 2K20 VC Farming

To get VC in your pocket, you have to farm it and the game provides you with different ways in which you can farm it.

Win Fights

Winning fights in the game earn you a lot of VC. There is a normal fight that you can pick with wrestlers and winning these will get you some VC. But, there are some ways in which you can earn more than the normal amount of VC in the fights.

Pick strong wrestlers and choose low-rated wrestlers to fight with. Use different moves to end your opponent as doing the same moves over and over again make it boring for the audience. This, in result, drops your rating.

If you finish your fights which a finisher at the end, it generates a huge amount of VC in your pocket. Again, pick your strongest wrestler and start fighting. Your focus should be to keep the match interesting for the audience and to do that, you should try to apply new moves in your fights. When you see that your opponent is ready to go down, end him with a finisher and this way you will be able to farm more VC.

Taking the fight outside of the ring and heading backstage excites the crowd even more and increases the hype. This increases the ratings and in turn, you farm more VC.

Farm in MyCareer Mode

When you start to earn VC in MyCareer mode, the grinding increases. The number of fights that you pick here increases but the VC that you farm is not much. To get more VC in your pocket, keep picking fights and keep winning.

Other than that, you can also sell off the items that are not in your use. Keeping them is useless if you don’t plan to utilize them so selling them off is the best thing you can do. Sell them and you can farm more VC for that.

These are all the ways to farm VC in WWE 2K20