WWE 2K18 Errors, Crashes, Low FPS, Stuttering, Not Downloading And Fixes

WWE 2K18 has launched for PC and consoles and gamer are enjoying it. However, there are some WWE 2K18 errors that PC users are facing such as bad performance, crashes and more which are ruining players’ experience. Here we will discuss all those issues and will also provide a possible fix.

WWE 2K18 is the latest entry in the annual series from developer Visual Concepts. The studio has managed to raise the bar much higher for the game with current-gen consoles but, the PC version of the game is facing some bugs and issues which will be fixed with patches over time. For now, take a look at out workarounds for these errors and issues.

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WWE 2K18 Errors, Crashes And Fixes

WWE 2K18 – Game Crashing On Startup
Many PC users are experiencing this issue while trying to play the game and definitely, this issue is annoying. However, the fix for this issue is very simple. All you have to do is, go to your Nvidia Control panel, if you are using NVidia GPU, Select “Manage 3D Settings” and then select “‘Program Settings”. Here click on add if it isn’t already on the list then browse to Steam\steamapps\common\ select the WWE 2K18 and add the game’s exe.

Your main graphics card for the game might be “HD Intel” just change it to Nvidia and this should resolve your issue.

WWE 2K18 – Low FPS/Stuttering
This is another one of WWE 2K18 errors that PC players have been facing. However, the issue is being caused due to poor optimization of the game on PC. However, here are some workarounds that will help you boost your game’s FPS and get reduce stuttering.

First of all, make sure your GPU drivers are up-to-date and at least download the Game Ready driver which includes WWE2K18 specific optimizations that will greatly help you.

Another reason why you would be getting low FPS and stuttering is that the game might be using your integrated card instead of external GPU. Make sure the game is using the External GPU through Nvidia Control Panel and the issue should be eliminated.

Also, in some cases the game is running in 4K resolution by default, just change it to your native resolution and the issue should resolve.

WWE 2K18 – Download Stuck/Not Finishing Download
Some PC users are experiencing this issue and a majority is facing the problem where the game has been downloaded but, the game is not playable. The reason behind this is that the game is unpacking and depending on your system the game could take a lot of time.

As for those players whose downloading is stuck at one point, make sure you have some extra space on the drive to unpack the game otherwise the download will remain stuck.

WWE 2K18 – Long Loading Times
This is another one of WWE 2K18 errors that PC users have been experiencing. The solution for this issue is quite simple. Open up task manager and look for any program using your HDD drive too much if it is, then end that program and the issue will resolve.

WWE 2K18 – Audio Desync
This issue is quite rare among the PC players but the fix for this issue is very simple. Just to playback devices by right clicking the audio icon in the bottom right corner, select the audio device that is enabled, for most it will be “Speakers”, and open properties. Select “Advanced” and set the audio quality to 24-bit 96000Hz (Studio Quality) which should resolve the issue.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue then try other options in “Advanced” one of them will fix the issue.

WWE 2K18 – Grainy Visuals
This is another of the WWE 2K18 errors that players have been experiencing, the game looks like it has a Visual Grain filter on all the time. The issue is being caused by the game’s default resolution, just go to the settings and set the resolution to your native and the issue will be resolved.

If you are facing any other WWE 2K18 errors not listed here or have a better solution to an error, let us know in the comments!

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