WWE 2K17 Universe Mode Detailed, High Customization, Plot Twists and More

WWE 2K17 Universe Mode has been detailed by the developer. From the looks of it, The Universe mode is aiming for full immersion for they players.

Game has changed and this is pretty evident, as shown by Fifa 16 carrer mode and the new WWE 2K17 Universe Mode.

Just today 2K Games shared more details about the upcoming WWE 2K17 Universe Mode, something that will change the concept of Wrestling game.

One of the key features of this mode is surely customization. Players will be allowed to create their own WWE world with a custom roster of unique characters, in order to try the “what-if” feels. If that isn’t enough, WWE Legends from the Retro universe are ready to get in and fight like there’s no tomorrow. Kinda feels like a crossover, doesn’t it?

Characters from the rosters will be fully customizable in any way anytime with no limits. You can choose Superstars’ enemies, skills, personality, even the championship they are competing for! Everything can be changed in WWE 2K17 depending on the player’s will.

But 2K wanted more, they wanted the game to get as close as the TV show with a touch of good realism. So forget about the old boring matches against the CPU. Superstars will interact constantly and you’ll never know how one can react to losing a match.

The storyline will keep developing with plot twists, helped by new cutscenes and animations made by the devs team.

So what do you think about the WWE 2K17 Universe Mode? 2K seems to have chosen the right path to follow, adding new fantastic features and giving credit to the players feedback. This “crossover” approach is very interesting and surely will add more fun to this game, increasing his longevity.

WWE 2K17 is scheduled to release on October 11, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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