WWE 2K16 – How to Pin Your Opponent

Among many other changes that make WWE 2K16 different from its predecessor from last year is the new pin system in the game to win the match.

The new pinfall comprises of an entirely new pin mini-game with its own unique variations and reactive animations for different phases of the whole pinning process. If the opponent kicks out, a Superstar may react to the near pin fall and gesture to the referee in frustration.

The old pin-bar has been replaced with a circular dial in which a blue progress bar runs through as well as a red “kick-out” portion. If the right button is pressed when the blue bar overlaps the red kick out zone, the superstar attempts to break free of the pin.

The red zone also changes position after each kick out attempt. The size of the red zone can be increased by investing Skill Points in the Pin Escape attribute.

WWE 2K16 also introduces dirty pins and rope breaks. Dirty Pins allows players to use the ropes to their advantage to try and pin their opponents.

There is a chance the referee may see this and call off the pin attempt. Rope Breaks, which have to be performed manually, are another way to get out of pin attempt but rely on the referee seeing the player grab the ropes.

A prompt onscreen will tell the players when to grab the rope which they can by pressing the appropriate button. The success and failure of Dirty Pins and Rope Breaks can be determined by the Dirty Pin and Rope Break abilities and their levels.

Superstars with the Resilience ability can also survive pin attempts by pressing Triangle on PS or Y on Xbox. However this is only limited to Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight superstars and can only be used once per match.

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