WWE 2K16 Abilities Guide – Leveling Tips

The abilities system in WWE 2K16 has been changed slightly from last year’s WWE 2K15.

Three new abilities have been introduced to the old list, increasing the total number players can use to 13. Each superstar can also have up to 8 abilities now instead of 6 from last year.

WWE 2K16 Abilities

Abilities can make or break a match depending on how they are used. Each ability in the list has three different levels that impact their effectiveness during a match whether it’s in terms of stamina, amount of damage dealt or gauge related.

Below is the list of all 13 abilities in WWE 2K16 along with the changes as they are leveled up:

Move Thief
Players can steal an opponent’s Finisher and use it against them, disrupting their focus and causing them to lose stamina.

Level 1 allows the ability to be used once per match, Level 2 allows twice as well as increasing the stamina lost and Level 3 completely drains the opponent’s stamina while allowing the move to be used once per match.

Ring Escape
Allows Superstars to escape to ringside when they are down near the ropes. Level 1 requires 3/4th of a stamina bar to perform, Level 2 reduces cost by 33% and Level 3 reduces it by another 33% for a total of 66% from the original stamina cost.

Pin Combo
Allows a Superstar to perform a pin immediately following certain grapple attacks. Level 1 reduces opponent’s kickout gauge by 10%, Level 2 by 20% and Level 3 by 30%.

Diving Pin Combo
Allows a Superstar to perform a pin immediately following certain diving attacks. Level 1 reduces opponent’s kickout gauge by 10%, Level 2 by 20% and Level 3 by 30%.

Damage inflicted by double team moves and Tag Team finishers is increased. Level 1 now deals 12% more damage, Level 2 deals 17% and Level 3 deals 26% more damage.

Fan Favorite
Increases the time window in which players have to complete a Superstar’s Comeback moment. Level 1 increases it by 13 seconds, Level 2 by 16 seconds and Level 3 by 21 seconds.

Players gain a Stamina increase when their Manager distracts the referee.

Level 1 provides a small boost, Level 2 increases the boost provided by Level 1 by a further 50% and Level 3 increases Level 2 boost by 50%. Both Level 2 and 3 can only be used twice per match.

Decreases the stamina cost of reversals. Level 1 by 10%, Level 2 by 30% and Level 3 by 50%.

Ruthless Aggression
While fighting at ringside, damage dealt from grapple and environmental attacks is increased: Level 1 by 7%, Level 2 by 11% and Level 3 by 18%

Immovable Object
Can only be used by Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight Superstars.

Decreases the chance that a Superstar will fall to his knees when hit by a strong or running strike. Level 1 decreases the chance by 40%, Level 2 by 55% and Level 3 by 65%.

Allows players to immediately kick out from the pinfall mini-game.

Level 1 requires a Finisher and can be done once per match, Level 2 also requires a Finisher but can be done twice in a match. Level 3 doesn’t require a Finish but can only be done once in a match.

Dirty Pin
Can be performed when the opponent is lying parallel to the ropes. Level 1 decreases the opponent’s kick out gauge by 26% although the chance that referee sees the pins is increased by 24%.

Level 2 decreases gauge by 44% while the chance of referee noticing is increased by 34%. Level 3 requires a finisher, decreases gauge by 60% and ref chance is increased to 50%.

Rope Break
Decreases the probability of the referee seeing the Rope Break of the opponent during the first pin count. Level 1 decreases by 60%, Level 2 50% and Level 3 decreases the probability by 40%.

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