COD WW2: The Shadowed Throne Secret Characters Unlock Guide

More Characters to unlock.

Similar to The Tortured Path, The Shadowed Throne has some hidden challenges that you can complete to unlock a list of secret characters in Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies.

These challenges are a list of tasks like getting a certain number of kills, killing a specific enemy type, etc. that upon completion will help you earn an outfit. As before, the challenges won’t show up until you have already completed them and only the riddles can be viewed in the game’s menu.

How to unlock all Secret Characters in The Shadowed Throne

As of now, three secret characters can be unlocked in Shadowed Throne. These can become a bit tough to discover because of only riddles at your disposal. Thanks to the efforts of the COD community on Reddit and other forums, we have compiled this guide with all the information needed to unlock all 3 hidden characters on this map. 

Necromedic (Fieldwork)

Challenge 1 – Keep Hands Clear
Riddle: With this, my designs will know no limit. 
Unlock Text: Reclaimed a peculiar power supply.

To complete this hidden challenge, you need to Kill a Treasure Zombie which will drop some batteries. The Treasure Zombies only spawn either during the boss fight or after you have completed the boss fight. Simply keep on killing every Treasure Zombie until you receive the required item.

Challenge 2 – Useful Contraption
Riddle: Where did I leave that damned thing?
Unlock Text: Reclaimed an old hobby project.

Keep on eliminating Treasure Zombies for the second hidden challenge. You will eventually be able to grab some kind of a contraption.

Challenge 3 – Missing Supplies
Riddle: We cannot continue without my tools.
Unlock Text: Reclaimed a necessary tool.

The solution to this challenge is pretty much the same as the last 2 except the required drop is different.

The most logical way to go about these 3 challenges is to treat them as one big challenge requiring you to kill multiple treasure Zombies until you have obtained all three items. The Treasure Zombies may not always drop one of the required items so you might need to kill dozens of this type of zombies to complete the first 3 challenges for the secret character Necromedic.

Challenge 4 – Dirty Work
Riddle: Hands-on experience
Unlock Text: Established an organ donation facility

Dirty Work is a defense-type challenge where you must survive 25 consecutive waves of enemies in the Museum without leaving the area. What’s more, you can only use the melee weapons to complete this hidden challenge. We recommend using a blade with a strong secondary attack to make this task a bit easier.

Challenge 5 – Tech Savy
Riddle: Play the field
Unlock Text: Exterminated the threat with planning and execution.

There are 3 traps around the Shadowed Throne map in WW2 Zombies and you must get more than 100 kills using each trap in a single game. This might seem like a big ask at first but given how the zombies just rush at you in higher rounds, this becomes one of the easiest hidden challenges for the Necromedic character.

The Stalker (Vigilant)

Challenge 1 – Keep Hands Clear
Riddle: Heavy Machinery
Unlock Text: Handled the Stadtjager with caution.

This is a straightforward challenge. You need to complete the Main Easter Egg in the game all the while ensuring no player gets downed.

Challenge 2 – Hold Your Ground
Riddle: In the shadows
Unlock Text: Banished the darkness from the depths of Berlin.

To complete the second hidden challenge in Shadowed Throne, survive until Wave 21 in the spawn room without opening any doors or leaving.

Challenge 3 – Extinguisher
Riddle: Snuff the flame
Unlock Text: Blew out the candles.

The ‘Extinguisher’ challenge is completed if you manage to kill the Gekocht (Sizzler Zombie) with a single shot. Perform this task ten times to achieve completion. Please note, that shotguns or the upgrade 9mm SAP cannot be used to complete the challenge.

Challenge 4 – Minimalist
Riddle: No shiny tools
Unlock Text: Rivaled the undead menace without surrendering to powers unknown

The ‘Minimalist’ challenge is another hidden challenge for the Stalker secret character in Shadowed Throne. To complete this, you must make it to Wave 31 without using any perks (Blitz), mod, special abilities of any kind, Mystery Boxes, or Pack-a-Punch.

Challenge 5 – Just takes a Scratch
Riddle: I’ll be fine
Unlock Text: Took care of a mess without incident.

This is probably the hardest challenge in the entire DLC of WW2 Zombies where you must survive 30 rounds without getting hit or taking any damage except for Bomber damage. This will undoubtedly take multiple attempts as every time you get hit, you will need to start all over from round 1. We advise you to play extremely cautiously to complete this hidden challenge and unlock the Stalker secret character.

Skullbreaker (The Answer)

Challenge 1 – Fight Fair
Riddle: Some ground rules first
Unlock Text: Ended the beast with determination and good training.

Complete the main Easter Egg of the Shadowed Throne and defeat the Final boss without using or purchasing any perks/Blitz. This applies to all players in that game session. Armor and other things like Pack-a-Punch are allowed though.

Challenge 2 – Down The Sights
Riddle: Target Practice
Unlock Text: Cleared the area with deadly precision.

You need to finish three consecutive rounds by performing only headshots on zombies. No other type of kill! This hidden challenge might take multiple attempts and can be hard to not accidentally shoot an enemy in the body so we recommend doing this at the start of round 1 and keeping up till round 3.

Challenge 3 – Crush Them Quick
Riddle: “Go Go Go!”
Unlock Text: Responded to a bad situation swiftly and effectively

The next hidden challenge requires you to survive 20 rounds and make it to round 21 in less than 25 minutes. Do not worry, no restrictions here. Find the quickest and deadliest ways to get the job done.

Challenge 4 – Time Cruncher
Riddle: Hard shutdown
Unlock Text: Dismantled a machine of death and terror before nightfall.

This is one of the hardest timed challenges in WW2 Zombies requiring you to complete the main Easter Egg including the Boss Fight in less than 33 minutes. We recommend trying this hidden challenge with friends and using as many consumables as you can find.

Challenge 5 – Set the stage
Riddle: Show time
Unlock Text: Taking too much enjoyment in this

For the last hidden challenge in Shadowed Throne, you need to survive 15 consecutive waves on the front of the stage area in the Cabaret or the Theatre. It is better to attempt this challenge after you have completed the main Easter Egg as doing so will allow you access to all the perks and weapons you could need. Once completed you should have the character Skullbreaker unlocked.

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