Would You Like Photo Mode in Bloodborne? Game’s Producer Thinks It’s an Interesting Idea

The PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne might feature a Photo Mode just like The Last of Us and Infamous, which will allow players to take screenshots of their gameplay, and then augment it as they see fit.

This is according to a tweet from the game’s producer Jun Yoshino, who responded to a question asked by a fan about the Photo Mode integration into the game.

The Photo Mode feature really got players attention after it was featured in The Last of Us Remastered Edition and there is a huge possibility that we will be seeing a lot more features similar to it in the upcoming video games.

From Software has yet to disappoint its community as it has managed to deliver some amazing video games to the players and with its next title, the studio wants to take a different approach and give players a fast paced video game.

However, the game will take some of the RPG elements of the Souls series, but will have its own unique storyline, setting and gameplay that will keep the fans interested in the game.

Bloodborne is set to release in the first quarter of 2015 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Would you like to see Photo Mode feature in Bloodborne? Let us know!

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