Would Sales Have Been Better If Sunset OverDrive Was On PS4? Drew Murray Has the Answer

Sunset Overdrive released late last year and is indeed one of the most fun games we have on Xbox One. However, for some reason the game didn’t sell well.

Exclusive games always have a tough time in the market as they are only available on a single platform, so we can understand. Of course, there are other factors as well.

Anyways, the question which many of us may have asked ourselves is that, would it have been better to release the game on PS4? Sales could have been better? Drew Murray gave us the answer:

I can’t really say. I can imagine some advantages, but MS put a lot of support behind us and did some things REALLY well.

He added:

MS’s user-research labs are incredible and the marketing they did for @SunsetOverdrive was nuts (in a very good way).

His answer isn’t very clear but it makes one wonder.

PS4’s install base is bigger than Xbox One, but that doesn’t mean that Sunset Overdrive would have sold better. Still, releasing a game on multiple platforms is a safe bet.

Exclusives are hard to sell, unless they are established IPs like Halo. In my opinion, Sunset Overdrive would have made ends meet if it was a multiplatform game.

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