How to Play Worms Reloaded Online On Tunngle

Worms Reloaded is a fun 2D turn based strategy game by Team17,  which supports multiplayer online and network game. Which means you can play it online with your friends on virtual networks like Tunngle or Hamachi. See the guide below to play Worms Reloaded online on Tunngle.

Worms Reloaded PC Tunngle Guide

Step 1
Download Worms Reloaded LAN Fix.

Step 2
Extract the files and copy the files from the Fix folder to the game directory.

Step 3
Copy SmartSteam folder and paste it in the game directory.

Step 4
Start SmartSteam and make a new Steam account and login.

Step 5
In Tunngle, considering you have it installed, go to “Worms Reloaded” channel.

Start the game using “WormsReloaded.exe”, not from inside Steam library.

Step 6
Host a network game and tell your friends ‘who need to be in the same channel as you’ to join your network game.


  • Make sure you have updated DirectX, updated PhsyX drivers, and updated .Net Framework.
  • Also update your video card drivers to avoid random crashes. If you still face issues with the game, refer to our Worms Reloaded Troubleshooting Guide for help.

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