World of Warcraft Legion Launch Timings, Going Live at Midnight

Blizzard has finally revealed the Legion launch timings of the anticipated sixth expansion of its highly popular MMO, World of Warcraft. The game launch is happening in waves although almost all the servers are going live at midnight.

Instead of tying the Legion launch timings to a specific region, Blizzard is launching the expansion globally which means whenever it hits midnight in that specific region, the new expansion content will be available to play. There are however some exceptions to this such as for players in Australia.

In this way, World of Warcraft: Legion launch timings for European players are the earliest with the content being available to play at midnight according to Central European Time. This means that those living in the UK will be able to play at 11pm on 29th August.

Nine hours after the European launch, when it is midnight in US according to Pacific Time, the North American servers will activate the Legion content. Since the launch is tied to midnight Pacific Time, those in other regions such as US Central or East will have to wait a couple of hours as listed below:

• US Mountain: 1:00am
• US Central: 2:00am
• US East: 3:00am

Australian servers launch alongside the North American ones so 12am PST means those eager to play in Australia will have to wait quite a while and the service will be available for them when it is 5am in Sydney.

The game’s pre-Legion patch is currently live on the servers and players can take part in some of the pre-Legion quests and Invasions currently taking place. After the expansion launches, the Invasions will no longer be available and so will be the chance to earn two Invasion exclusive achievements.

World of Warcraft: Legion is the sixth expansion to the highly popular MMO which Blizzard launched back in 2004 and will be completing its 12 years of launch in November. Those interested in jumping back on the WoW train still have the chance to pre-order their copy and secure a free level 100 boost.

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