World War Z Gets A First Cinematic Trailer, Another Zombie Game You Should Know About

World War Z was first announced during the Game Awards 2017, in December. Now after months World War Z shows itself today with the first trailer of the gameplay which shows us different cinematic sequences and some in-game action.

The trailer makes us guess that it will offer an experience similar to Days Gone which aims to be different than any other zombie game, Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising 4 with an amazing story and graphic details.

The game is being developed by Saber Interactive studios and is based on the famous film franchise movie. The game is being published by Paramount studios with the official license of the books and recent Brad Pitt movies.

World War Z game does not have a date yet as the trailer says “coming soon” at the end but it is possible that Saber Interactive studios have something for us in time for the E3 2018 next month.

Well if you are a zombie fan and you came here by hoping to see another zombie game then don’t forget to check out Days Gone which is going to keep you busy for days once it releases.

Days Gone is one of the most awaited games on PlayStation 4 which has been in development for a long time, the title first appeared back in 2016 during Sony’s press conference. It’s an open world game with a huge map which will take you long to just ride around it which has made everyone curious about how long will it take to complete the game, well, apparently not even Sony Bend knows.

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