World War 3 Update 0.8.4 Released, Bug Fixes And Improvements

World War 3 has received Update 0.8.4. You can now download this patch on PC (Steam). You will find that World War 3 Update 0.8.4 is quite a small patch, as it only has a few bug fixes and improvements. Something that stands out is that they fixed the missing vehicle HUD for 1st person on some vehicles, and they fixed F5 crashing the game.

This is a first-person action video game developed with special emphasis on multiplayer. Conceived in cooperation with military research and development centers, as well as with consultants, this game rewards team play, while we can enjoy the battle in real locations along with a “versatile” customization system that contributes to authenticity. Below you will find the complete list of World War 3 Update 0.8.4 patch notes.

First one after the break! The biggest problem right now is the random server disconnects which should be fixed in this patch, but we can’t be sure as this is a bug that isn’t manifesting in internal testing. Let us know if 0.8.4 helped!


  • Possible fix for disconnects (needs further testing),
  • Fixed a server crash in the game,
  • Fixed client vehicle ammo not reflecting the real value on the server (reload bug),
  • Fixed F5 crashing the game,
  • Fixed Scar-H rail not accepting attachments in the game,
  • Fixed other players rubber banding shortly after respawning in World War 3,
  • Fixed text messages overlapping on the Breakthrough HUD in the game,
  • Fixed incorrect widget position of Squad List Widget,
  • Fixed missing vehicle HUD for 1st person on some vehicles in the game,
  • Temporary fix for death markers (skulls) being left on the map indefinitely,


  • Switched drone and air vehicles to new HUD system in the game.

I remind you that The Farm 51’s World War 3 released on October 20, 2018 for PC.

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