World of Warcraft Shadowlands Reservoir Anima Farming Guide

Reservoir Anima is the main currency in the game. You will need this currency for doing various things like upgrades in Shadowlands. In this World of Warcraft Shadowlands Reservoir Anima Farming guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about anima.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Reservoir Anima Farming

You can check Anima from your currency tab like other currencies. For depositing Anima tokens you have to receive them in your Covenant Sanctum.

You can visit your Covenant Sanctum and deposit Anima by going into your Covenant HQ and talk to the following NPCs based on your Covenant:

Here you can talk to Haephus after completing the “Our Most Precious Resource” quest.

Here you can talk to Arkadia Moa after completing the “Anima is Strength” quest.

Night Fae
Here you can talk to Zayhad, The Builder after completing the “Who Shapes the Forest” quest.

Here you can talk to Foreman Flatfinger after completing the “A Coalition of the Willing” quest.

When the first quest is completed you will get introduced to the Anima Reservoir. For accessing this feature you can talk with the NPCs and pick the “Show me the Sanctum” option.

Once the Sanctum is open click the deposit button and all the Anima tokens will be added to your Anima Reservoir. You can deposit a maximum of 35,000 Anima in your Anima Reservoir.

How to Earn Reservoir Anima

You can earn these tokens by doing different things. In this game, there are three tiers of Anima tokens.

Uncommon Quality
The Anima tokens of uncommon quality will add 5 Anima to your reservoir.

You will be awarded the Resonance of Conflict which is a special uncommon Anima token you can get by completing the Anima world quest.

Rare Quality
The Anima tokens of rare quality will add 35 Anima to your reservoir.

Epic Quality
The Anima tokens of Epic quality will add 250 Anima to your reservoir.

You will also earn the Anima tokens in the Shadowlands by the followings:

Rares and Chests
You can get 1-3 uncommon Anima tokens in the main zones in Shadowlands by looting chests and killing rares. You can do this daily to earn Anima tokens.

World Quests
You can also earn Rare Anima tokens in the world quest. You can get up to 2-4 Anima tokens for completing some world quests in the Shadowlands.

You will also get 1 rare Anima token for killing a boss. You can earn 3 to 5 Anima tokens depending upon the dungeon you are running.

Uses in Shadowlands

You can buy almost everything in the Shadowlands by using the Anima. You can see the uses of Reservoir Anima given below.

Upgrading Covenant Sanctum
You can use your Reservoir Anima for upgrading the four sections of your sanctum. With each upgrade, the amount of Anima and Redeemed souls will be increased.

Upgrading Transport Network
You can upgrade the transport layer to tier 3 which will also provide you will the one-way portal from Covenant Sanctum to Oribos. Each rank of the transport layer will give you more points for teleporting.

Use Anima Conductor
You can also use Anima Conductor which is a powerful device at every Covenant Sanctum by using the Reservoir Anima. You can use it in various parts of the Covenant zone.

This will also improve your zones like New Daily Quests, Exclusive rare mobs, additional World Quests, and Special Treasures.

Special Minigames
There are different minigames which depend upon the Covenant you chose to ally yourself with. Each mini-game will provide you with different rewards.

Channel Anima
You can use Anima to channel Anima to some location in your zone.

You can also open a lot of different rewards and bonuses depending upon the channel location. You can have access to new Daily Quests and special treasures as well.

You can channel Anima to a place via the conductor for 25 Anima which will remain for 24-hours. After completing the 10 channels you can make an Anima stream permanent.

Adventures Quests
You will need Reservoir Anima after enabling the Adventures table to begin adventure quests.

Purchase Rewards
You can use reservoir Anima for buying different rewards like pets, mounts, cosmetic rewards, and transmogs.

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