World of Warcraft May Let you Try your Level 100 Boosted Character Before you Commit to Them

With the release of World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion you’ll have the chance to upgrade one of your characters to level 100. The big problem you’ll have is which character should you use the upgrade on?

When talking to Venturebeat J Allen Brack, the executive producer and senior vice president for World of Warcraft has revealed that Blizzard may let players test out their characters before committing to the change. This will mean that you have a chance to see which character you want to upgrade for Legion:

“We’re changing the system dramatically in Legion, such that we’ll have 45 minutes of content for you to play through, but you don’t consume your character boost until you’re done with that content,” he said.

“The idea on this is — let’s say Blake has always wanted to try a rogue, but he didn’t want to use a character boost token on it, so he’s going to try a rogue with his level 100 boost,” Brack said. “He’s going to decide whether or not that’s for him.

“He goes through that experience and at the end he decides, you know what? Rogue is actually not for me. I’m going to delete that character, and I’m going to make a druid. He goes through and makes a druid, loves the druid, thinks that’s the best thing ever for him. He gets to the end of that experience, and he commits to the druid.”

While this sounds interesting, it is important to remember this update is still in progress and will have to be finalised before the release of Legion:

“The company is pursuing this plan, but I’m saying all these things, and I need to caveat it: We haven’t actually done the work yet. These are ideas today,” Brack said. But Blizzard is committed to trying to make it work, he said and to making the boost experience a little more helpful for new players.

“It’ll be a little less specific to Legion than Tanaan Jungle [the starting zone for Warlords of Draenor] was,” he said. “A little more educational for newer players. Tanaan Jungle is for returning players. If you’ve never played WoW, you’re probably going to have a hard time with that. It just dumps you right in. This is going to be a little different; it’s going to be more of a hand-hold.”

A good emphasis for Legion appears to be the need to help new players be able to enter straight into Legion, while still giving the more experienced players what they expect from World of Warcraft:

“We haven’t made it yet, so I can’t speak to the specifics,” Brack said. “But if you imagine that Blake has never played WoW, maybe he would be OK if he started at level 100 and we led him through this content experience, as opposed to having him play from level 1.”

So as mentioned earlier the accessibility for new users is an importance for Blizzard when it comes to this latest update.

Does this ability to try the level boost before you commit to the character sound interesting to you? Let us know your thoughts below.

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