Over 33 Million Hours Of World Of Warcraft Classic Have Been Watched On Twitch

Following two years of anticipation, World of Warcraft Classic is finally here for nostalgic (and curious) fans around the globe. It might be too soon for Blizzard to reveal just how much the player-count has improved for Azeroth but not so for Twitch, which suggests a sizable interest has been rekindled in the otherwise waning community — an undoubtedly positive sign.

According to metrics shared by The Esports Observer on the weekend, over 33 million hours of World of Warcraft Classic have already been watched on Twitch. These figures don’t even cover the entire launch week. They exclude the weekend, which is always a significant time for gameplay-related activities. The only other game that managed a greater viewership on Twitch during this period was Dota 2, which raked in over 34 million hours watched due to The International. Suffice to say, even with the graph slightly dipping, World of Warcraft Classic will end up as the game with the most-watched week of streaming on Twitch this year.

Being able to relive the golden era was always going to bring back players. However, there’s another reason for the surging popularity which was overlooked. The race to become the first person in the world to reach the maximum level 60 built up an audience of its own. Every prominent streamer was part of that race, leading millions of players to join their streams to learn the easiest routes and best builds. This sort of audience is not going to walk away anytime soon.

Remember that Apex Legends was the most popular game on Twitch earlier this year. The honor was short-lived due to the type of content. This is not the same case for World of Warcraft Classic. Players will continue to log into Twitch to watch their favorite streamers mow through dungeons and raids for months to come.

There’s so much potential here for the streaming community. They can host several streams for builds, professions, classes, races, tips and tricks, exploration, and such. Not to mention that Blizzard plans to roll out World of Warcraft Classic in different phases, meaning that every new phase will bring the audience back to Twitch. The next phase will unlock Dire Maul, a three-win instance; Azuregos, one of the world bosses; and Kazzak, an elite demon and another world boss of sorts.

World of Warcraft Classic has seen to an excellent reception. In fact, even Blizzard miscalculated in this regard. There was such a high demand at launch that the developer had to open up five new servers to ease the load off the others. Players were even being requested to join the new servers because everyone was still trying to get into the old ones. If this hype continues to ride the same wave, Blizzard might have to consider additional servers once again. It will also work beautiful for the World of Warcraft Twitch combination.

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