World Of Tanks on PS4 Pro, Developer Shares Experience

The popular franchise, World of Tanks that launched in 2010 on PS3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and later launched on PS4 as well, gave an interview on its developmental experiences for the PS4 Pro version. They discussed the PS4 Pro hardware extensively, with Sony before and during the development phase.

World of Tanks is the a free to play online multiplayer game that has millions of fans globally. For them, it’s a big deal that their title is being published on the latest top tier hardware, the PS4 Pro. Due to the enhanced hardware resources, the experience is going to be a different one.

World of Tanks developers didn’t feel any struggle in coping up with the hardware changes, even though they could just upscale the resolution of the game. But no, they believe they wanted to explore the potential of the upgraded hardware and make the best product utilizing all the visual capabilities of the PS4 Pro.

ps4 pro

Just to maximize the performance of the game on the new hardware, they had to extensively study it, for that they coordinated with Sony. Because they believed that it wasn’t enough to just utilize the RAW additional power of the hardware but to utilize the additional features the modern hardware provides with maximizing visual quality and performance.

Developers at World of Tanks claim this to be the best-looking console version so far until the Xbox One X launches. They emphasized on the game’s worthy looks and great experience on the PS4 Pro. The team behind the game made sure to leverage the hardware capabilities properly. That was previously limited in the PS4 version.

World of Tanks technical director, Chris McCue highlighted that there were minimal disruptions in the workflow while developing the game for this console and Sony has been very cooperative on making it possible.

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