World of Final Fantasy Demo Coming To Japanese Playstation Consoles

A World of Final Fantasy demo will be coming to Japanese Playstation consoles between October 17 and October 24. The game will be available on the Japanese Playstation 4 and Japanese Playstation Vita. The demo content won’t be a part of the full game, and will just be intended to show the game off to people.

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World of Final Fantasy is set in the world of Grymoire, which is populated by a wide variety of different Final Fantasy characters and monsters from across the entire franchise. The story will focus around two amnesiac characters, Lann and Raynn, who must travel across Grymoire to recover their memories, capture Mirages (the monsters of Grymoire, and protect the world from the evil Bahamut Army.

The game is actually a more kid-friendly Final Fantasy game, not only because of the monster-catching mechanics that bring Pokemon to mind, but also because of the game’s chibi art style.

In the World of Final Fantasy demo, players will be capturing monsters and gathering items as the two protagonists, and proceeding through a dungeon. Characters from Final Fantasy Legends, a Final Fantasy mobile game (which is also Japan-exclusive) will also make appearances before players finally reach the dungeon’s boss.

If you manage to make your way through the World of Final Fantasy demo, you’ll be able to import your save data to the actual World of Final Fantasy game and start the game with the ability to battle a special Mirage, the Magitek Armor P (a magical mecha, essentially a robot in terms of Final Fantasy) in the game’s arena.

World of Final Fantasy will be coming out in late October. The game will be releasing on October 25 in North America, October 27 in Japan, and October 28 in Europe. The game will be coming out solely on Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. You can see how the game will look upon release in the screenshots included with this article.