Wolfenstein: Youngblood Stolen Gestapo Crate Locations Guide – How to Get Silver Coins

Gestapo Crates can be accessible at different locations and they contain around 200-250 Silver Coins. In general, these Gestapo Crate are a way to earn Silver Coins fast. This Wolfenstein: Youngblood Stolen Gestapo Crate Locations Guide will contain all the details on the locations of these Gestapo Crates.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Stolen Gestapo Crate Locations

If you want to know the location of a disk which holds the location of these crates then go to the area around the train station.

Go back around the alleyways and you will arrive at a room filled with computers of some sort there you will find the disk. If you continue through this level you will find a computer that can decode the disk for the locations of the crates.

Gestapo Crate #1
The first Gestapo Crate will be located in an alleyway around the area from where you decoded your disk. In this alleyway, you will come across a barrier that can be broken. Through the barrier, you will find the crates. Open them with the code: 9576.

Gestapo Crate #2
The second Gestapo Crate can be found in the area of the security barrier. Try to look around to spot a mounter laser gun. Go to it and jump up and inside the window above it.

You will come inside of a room, the crates are around the corner. The crates can be opened by using the code: 2703.

Gestapo Crate #3
The third Gestapo Crate is located near the Uberteknik Store. Just go through the main street sticking with the right side. You will come across a store with a sign in bright red neon light.

Across the street, you will come across a truck and some crates which you use to climb up to the Gestapo Crate. The crate can be opened using the code: 1234.

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