Wolfenstein: Youngblood Skills Guide – Best Abilities, Mind, Power, Muscle

In our Wolfenstein: Youngblood Skills Guide, we have detailed all three Ability Trees in the game and the best skills that you should use in the game.

Going against the Nazis in Wolfenstein: Youngblood is no easy feat. You will need to utilize all the firepower and abilities at your disposal to even stand a chance. Our Wolfenstein: Youngblood Abilities Guide will help you learn all about different skills sisters can use in the game unlocking them in the first place.

In Wolfenstein: Youngblood, you have to do missions to unlock skills that you can upgrade over time. Our guide will list all the Power, Mind, and Muscle skill trees and skills present in the game.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Skills

We will focus on Mind Skills for each level first. The focus of this skill tree is movement, your sister’s health, and finding things. There are four trees for upgrade:

The first one mainly deals with the interaction between you and your sister when for reviving and for pep signals. The second one raises your maximum health.

The third one deals with finding and looting things. It also increases the quantity of ammo, armor, and health the enemies drop.

The fourth one will let you add collectibles to your minimap. It also increases your speed when crouched and sidestep. It lets you quickly pick up items when you run over them and increases the radius for these pickups.

Moreover, it also lets you reload unequipped weapons automatically.

Beginner Skills

Skills Effects
First Aid You will gain 25 health and armor when your sister revives you and you get damage immunity for 4 seconds instead of 2.
Health+ Your maximum health increases to 125.
Ammo Collector You will loot more ammo from the dead bodies of your enemies.
Sideway Dasher You would be able to perform rapid sideways dashes by pressing LS and strafe sideways.

Level 10 Skills

Skills Effects
Second Aid You will gain 50 health and armor when you sister revives you and you would get immunity of damage for 6 seconds instead of 4.
Health++ Your max health increases to 150.
Health Collector Now when you loot dead enemies you will find more health.
Stalker You would be able to move quickly when you crouch than before.

Level 20 Skills

Skills Effects
Sisterly Pep The range for pep signals is increased to twenty meters and the cooldown duration is lowered by 25%.
Health+++ Your maximum health would now be 175.
Armor Collector You will find more armor when you loot dead bodies of enemies now.
Far Grabber Your range for looting will be increased by 50%.

Level 30 Skills

Skills Effects
Sisterly Love The range for pep signals is now 25 meters and the cooldown duration is lowered by 50%.
Health++++ Your max health would now be 200.
Secrets Collector Now the collectibles will be visible on your minimap.
Pocket Reload Whenever you switch weapons, you will get a fully loaded mag if you have ammo supplies.

Power Skills Tree

Power Abilities allow you to increase the effectiveness of your combat. First, it will provide you with a cloaking device that will also upgrade its effectiveness as you level up.

These skills deal with your cloak and crush abilities and all two of the tree will help you raise the effectiveness of these abilities.

When you unlock the third tier, you will unlock God Key. It is a very powerful ability, but I will keep it a secret for you to avoid spoilers.

Beginner Skills

Skills Effects
Cloak You can turn invisible for a while by pressing arrow keys.
Crush You can cause damage to lightly armored enemies by sprinting into them and you can do a slam attack if you jump by pressing B when you jump.

Level 10 Skills

Skills Effects
Agile Cloaking You do not have to stay crouched anymore to be cloaked. You can perform full range movements now.
Brawler You can cause the same crushing damage to heavily armored enemies as well.

Level 20 Skills

Level 20 power ability skills are the same as Level 10.

Level 30 Skills

Skills Effects
Parking Cloak Your cloak energy will not drain while you stand still and it will restore more quickly now.
Quake Crusher This ability will deal quad damage now.

Muscle Skill Tree

These skills deal with fighting, armor, weapons, and overall toughness. They also have 4 trees. The first one helps you increase your maximum armor, the second one lets you increase the quantity of ammo you could keep.

The third one focuses on the damage dealt by throwable weapons and lets you raise it, and the fourth and last one makes you able to carry heavy weapons that are dropped by super soldiers.

Beginner Skills

Skills Effects
Armor+ Your max armor would be increased to 125.
Dual Wielder You will be able to carry dual one-handed firearms. You would have to press Y twice to activate this ability.
Supersoldier Hunter This ability allows you to take down super soldiers silently.
Bigger Guns You can now carry heavy weapons dropped by super soldiers.

Level 10 Skills

Skills Effects
Armor++ Your max armor will be increased to 150.
Ballistic Ammo Pack You would be able to carry 35 percent more quantity of ballistic ammo.
Super Kinetic Throw You would get the ability to throw grenades and melee weapons with greater force to cause extra damage and stunning the enemy if they survive.
Agile Gunner You would be able to move more quickly and do power jumps even when wielding heavy weapons.

Level 20 Skills

Skills Effects
Armor+++ Your max armor increases to 175.
Grenadier Your grenade damage increase by 25% and now you can carry 6 grenades instead of 3.
6-point Blade Pelt The capacity to carry throwable melees is increased to 6 instead of 3.
Extreme Gun Pocket You can place heavy weapons in your inventory and upgrade them. Press and hold RB to access them.

Level 30 Skills

Skills Effects
Armor++++ Your max armor increases to 200.
Kraftwerk Ammo Optimizer Kraftwerk weapons will have double mag capacity.
Blade Annihilator You would be able to kill almost every organic enemy with a single hit using your throwable hatchets and knives i.e. their damage will be increased a lot.
No-Knock You cannot be knocked down by any effect.

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