Wolfenstein Youngblood Crashes, Crash Dump Error, Game Won’t Start, Black Screen Fix

Wolfenstein Youngblood is now available on all platforms. While the game might not be what we expected as it is clear from the recent reviews but, the PC version of the game is facing issues like Wolfenstein Youngblood crashes, could not write crash dump error, crash on startup and more. For general troubleshooting of the game, players can head over here.

Below we have compiled a list of Wolfenstein Youngblood errors and crashes along with their fixes and workarounds so you guys can play the game without any problems.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Could Not Write Crash Dump Error

The “could not write crash dump error” is the most common error currently being faced by Wolfenstein Youngblood players. Unfortunately, there’s no official fix provided for this error yet. However, there’s a workaround which players can try because this error also popped up in Wolfenstein 2 aswell.

The most common cause of this unexpected error is the graphics card issue of your computer. Apart from that, this error might be the result of improper settings in your game.

Here’s what you can try to get rid of Wolfenstein Youngblood could not write crash dump error.

  • Install the latest game patch (Day One Patch)
  • Update your graphics card driver
  • Configure the setting in Steam
  • Disable Async Compute
  • Temporarily disable your graphics card device
  • Check for corrupt data files

Day one patch for the game is now available which should fix the issue. Other than that you can look out for the latest GPU drivers from the manufacturer’s website and install it. NVIDIA graphics card users can try installing GeForce Hotfix Driver to resolve the error.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Start-up Crash Fix

The game doesn’t start is another common error found in Bethesda games. You can easily get rid of Wolfenstein Youngblood start-up crash error by upgrading graphic card drivers. You can upgrade the graphics cards manually from the manufacturer’s website.

The Driver Has Run Out of Vram Warning Error

Basically, this error is telling that your PC specs are lower than the required specs of the game. However, to fix this issue, you can keep your textures to Low or Medium and then you will be able to keep running the game without any problems.

Co-op Not Working Error or No Friends at All Error

PC users are reporting that they are unable to play the game online with co-op mode due to couldn’t connect error. Another error that the players are facing is “session no longer exists” even when you are with someone in a lobby.

To fix these errors, players should try to set their steam profile privacy options to the public. Afterward, start the game in solo mode and then quit to the main menu. Now try searching for a friend that you want to play the game with. Once done, your friend will automatically appear in your friend list and you will be connected. Now you can start playing the game with your friend without any connection issues.

Black Screen After Game Intro

This is another error which was also present in Wolfenstein 2. To fix black screen error in Wolfenstein Youngblood, players should try Disabling and re-enabling Steam Cloud Save Sync.

Go to Administrator/Savegames/MachineGames/Wolfenstein: Youngblood and delete the save files. Afterwar, disable and re-enable Steam Cloud Save Sync and then restart Steam. Hopefully, this workaround will fix the game’s black screen issue.

These are the common errors in Wolfenstein Youngblood along with fixes for now. We will update this article with more errors and fixes as we find out so keep coming back.

Wolfenstein Young Blood developed by MachineGames and Arkane Studios is now available on all platforms.

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