Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Unique Weapons Guide

In Wolcen your primary mode of offense is going to be some kind of weapon which will be used to inflict damage to enemies. There are many weapons in the game with various uses and modes of application. This guide contains all the Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Unique Weapons.

These Wolcen unique weapons have high damage infliction rate and they are easy to use but rare to find.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Unique Weapons

Since the game revolves around an RNG loot system, we can’t really provide you with the locations of these weapons but if you increase your magic find and roll with a farming build, you should have no trouble collecting all the unique weapons.

Combine these unique weapons with some amazing armor pieces and gear items to build the perfect endgame build for your character.

Here is the list of all the unique weapons in Wolcen:

The Apex
Apex is an Axe in Wolcen and it is a very strong weapon to inflict maximum damage on enemies. It will be your first choice when going into boss fights.

Damage: 31-42


  • +3s Rage Conservation Time
  • 10-17 Rend Damage added to Attacks
  • +117% Bleed Stack Damage
  • +19 Ferocity
  • +6% Life Leech on Bleeding Target

This one is a battleaxe made by Big Bill who got bored of making horses’ irons. Big Bill himsleft named it Edgy and it is rumored that he accidently beheaded himself while training. So this is a deadly work of art.

Damage: 16-19

Required Level: 5


  • +5s Rage Conservation Time
  • +19% Melee Weapon Damage
  • +5 Ferocity
  • 10-17 Physical Damage added to Attacks

This is also one of the unique and very powerful battleaxes in Wolcen.


  • +8 Rage Generation on Hit
  • 3-5 Rend Damage added to attacks
  • +22% Elemental Status Ailment Chance Score
  • +7% Attacks Critical Hit Chance Score
  • +4% Life Leech from Attack Damage

Ivakin’s Obsession
This is a unique bow in wolcen, its handle is engraved with a symbol of a phoenix.

Edict. 21417

This is unique dagger from wolcen and this type of dagger is known as “senate’s Imperatum”, which means a custom made weapon with only purpose of terminating some specific target. These are only forged when United Republic of Mankind decides to take out a certain target.

Damage: 6-13


  • +4s Rage Conservation Time
  • 24-38 Toxic Damage added to Attacks
  • +25% Poison Chance Score
  • +5 Agility
  • +21% Attack Speed Score
  • +34% Poison Stack Damage

Vulcain Steel Sword
This is a steel sword from the city of Vulcain, which is the city that produce the best steel in all four realms. This is produced inside a volcano, due to this volcano they get the temperature to their desire and that makes them forge this Vulcain Steel Sword.

Damage: 30-41

Required Level: 20


  • +3s Rage Conservation Time
  • +16 Ferocity
  • 5-10 Fire Damage added to attacks
  • +7% Fire Damage
  • +9% Physical Damage

Envy’s Denial
This is a unique sword from Wolcen that came into being when Abanazaar and his sister were talking and he gazed into her eyes and air caught fire from the intensity of his determination and those immortal flames came in contact with her skin. This sword was forged with those immortal flames.

Damage: 12-18

Required Level: 10


  • +5s Rage Conservation Time
  • 6-8 Fire Damage added to Attacks
  • +3% Life Leech on Burning Target
  • +14% Additional Damage against Frozen Target
  • +31% Burn Chance Score

Vanity’s Plea
When primordial of change tore himself and Abanazaar, Beelmalik and Etheliel were finally independent beings, Etheliel was stung with remorse and tried to convince Abanazaar to merge back but he refused and she shed her first frozen tear. That tear then forged into the Vanity’s Plea unique sword.


  • +2s Rage Conservation Time
  • 21-36 Frost Damage added to Attacks
  • +3% Life Leech on Frozen Target
  • +14-17% Additional Damage against burning target
  • +22-32% Freeze Chance Score

Abolition Act
This is a unique mace from Wolcen and the bludgeon of this mace is like a prisoner’s ball got cut from the chain and then captive added rough scraps of metal as spikes.


  • +5s Rage Conservation TIme
  • Crowd Control Immunity
  • +12% Material Damage
  • +6% Attack Speed Score
  • +38% Rage Per Strike

This is a unique mace that was originally used by a Frost Tormentor, then it was repaired by Earl Tolna so that he could wield it in the final battle against Republican Regiment.


  • +2-5s Rage Conservation Time
  • 135-206 Frost Damage added to Attacks
  • +30-36% Frost Damage
  • +80-85% Freeze Chance Score
  • +20-22 Wisdom
  • +80-89% Frost Resistance Score

Ornamented Smasher
It is another unique weapon in Wolcen.

Rigard’s Hope

There is an idol at the center of a small town in the village of Rigard, this greatsword was created as work of art by village’s stonemasons ages ago as a representation of peace, fertility and celebration of winter’s end, that’s why it is called Rigard’s Hope.


  • +2s Rage Conservation Time
  • +17% Material Damage
  • 100 Stun Chance on Dash
  • +14 Toughness
  • +15% Status Ailment Resistance Score

Zephyron Herald of Change
Zephyron is a unique sword from Wolcen, that is one of the artifact key given to Entropic Judges, humans by Beelmalik the lord of punishment himself.


  • +5s Rage Conservation Time
  • Allows the bearer to Cast Lightning Spells
  • 36-60 LIghtning Damage added to Attacks
  • 38-59 Lightning Damage added to Spells
  • +29% Lightning Damage

This one is a unique greatsword in Wolcen.


  • +3s Rage Conservation Time
  • 5-7 Toxic Damage added to Attacks
  • +8 Rage Generation on Hit
  • 7-11 Lightning Damage added to Attacks
  • +22% Elemental Status Ailment Chance Score
  • +20% Critical Hit Damage

Quintet of Sundowns
When Brother Amren was crushed by the demon, a fisherman picked up his shield and started fighting. Those fishermen charged and killed the wounded demon but could not survive themselves either, so to pay tribute to those fishermen was engraved on the edges of Amren’s aegis.

Force Shield: 25

Block Chance: 25%

Block Efficiency: 15%


  • +5 to All Attributes
  • +0.5% Health Regeneration
  • +5% to All Resistances Score
  • +5% Maximum Health
  • Allows the Bearer to Cast Sacred Spells

Legacy of Willbreaker
This is the shield from the fifteen years undefeated willbreaker and now retired.

All Resistance Score: 28.61

Block Chance: 15%

Block efficiency: 17%


  • +1% Damage per percent of Physical Resistance
  • +21 Health Regeneration
  • +3% Health Regeneration Rate
  • -50% Critical Hit Chance
  • +25% All Resistances on this item

Shimmering Shadows
At the battle of Creation, the shadow beast was defeated and he ran away leaving behind a scale which was then forged into this shield.


  • Dash applies Shaded
  • 11-18 Shadow Damage added to Attacks
  • +192 Maximum Health
  • +13 Wisdom

Titanic Astrashield
This is a unique shield in Wolcen.


  • +9% Damage
  • +79 Occult Resistance Score
  • +9% Resource Generation
  • +73 Status Ailment Resistance Score
  • +41% All resistances on this item
  • +25% Block Efficiency on this item

Kite Shield
This is a kite-shaped shield in Wolcen.


  • +24 Maximum Health
  • 10% Elemental Resistance Score
  • +9% Occult Resistance Score
  • +11% Block Chance
  • +25% Status Ailment Resistance Score
  • +2.9 Health Regeneration

7th Purifiers’ Legion Archive
This is a catalyst in Wolcen.


  • +72% Transfer Time Reduction between Willpower and Rage
  • +34% Attack Damage
  • +47% Spell Damage
  • +22% Rage Generation on Hit
  • +16 Willpower Regeneration

The Macksfesten Enneract
This is also a unique catalyst in Wolcen.


  • Attacks gain +25% damage from the last spell cast. The type of damage is the same as the last spell cast.

Worshipped Artifact
This is also a unique catalyst in Wolcen.

Chrono Cell
It is a unique staff in Wolcen.


  • -29% Transfer time from willpower to Rage
  • 2 Stasis Stacks per Attacks
  • 22-26 Aether Damage added to Attacks
  • +15% Aether Damage
  • +9 Wisdom

When Anakan used his staff to literally fry cows, farm, himself and all the pranksters hidden nearby, the only thing left was this zapstick staff.


  • -26% Transfer Time from Willpower to Rage
  • Freeze and Burn Chances become shock chance
  • The Shock Stacks are applied to target and user
  • +138% Shock Stack Damage
  • 9-50 Lightning Damage added to attacks
  • 9-47 Lightning Damage added to spells

Ceremonial Staff
This is a unique staff in Wolcen.


  • +30% Transfer Time from Willpower to Rage

Sea Tamer
This is a unique gun in Wolcen, that uses the power of sea.


  • +56% All projectiles critical hit chance score
  • +43% Attack Speed Score
  • +16-60 Lightning Damage on Attacks with this weapon
  • When you deal a Critical Hit with this weapon, there is a 50% chance to unleash a bolt of lightning, dealing damage to yourself and enemies. This ability has a 3 s cooldown.

Regicide Mark III
The united republic of mankind has three types of armies and the one named as Elite Tactical troops use the Regicide Mark Ii pistol. So this one is just a more powerful version of that gun.


  • +3s Rage Conservation Time
  • +19% Material Damage
  • -30% All Projectiles Speed
  • +10-53 Physical Damage on Attacks with this weapon

Experimental Pistol
This is a unique pistol in Wolcen.


  • +4s Rage Conservation Time
  • +20% Elemental Damage
  • 2-4 Lightning Damage added to attacks
  • 2-5 Frost Damage added to Attacks
  • +15% Attack Speed Score
  • +3% Life Leech from Attack Damage
  • +15% Critical Hit Damage

These are all the unique weapons and their stats that we know so far and we will update this guide as we get to know more about the weapons in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem