Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Unique Belts Guide

A loot-based ARPG wouldn’t be complete without some unique gear such as unique weapons or armor. Wolcen is no different when it comes to unique equipment which is why we made this Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Unique Belts guide.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Unique Belts

Unique belts are also a kind of accessory and using them you can get a lot of bonuses from Occult Damage, Resistance Scores, and Rage Generation, etc. You can equip two rings but only one belt and amulet.

O’Maley’s Lucky Belt
This belt will make you very lucky as O’Maley spent his whole life collecting lucky charms and attaching them to this belt so that he would be able to become the luckiest man alive.

He realized he actually accomplished that as on his deathbed his last servant broke his neck by slipping on a sock and falling making him realize that he has balanced luck.

He being lucky meant that the ones around him are very unlucky as he sucks out the luck of them. This belt made a luck vacuum around him and the people around him always got hurt.

Required level: 20


+13% Status Ailment Chance Score

+13% Dodge Chance Score

+20 to All Attributes

+12% Attacks Critical Hit Chance Score

+14% Spells Critical Hit Chance Score

+40 Magic Find

The Trial
There is a cult called Cult of Sarisel which is a secret evangelical order that has a very strict hierarchical structure. All forms of impurity must be cleansed as every stage of initiation has some sacred rites involved in it that test this ability.

All the people who start have to kill the immoral people in their lives along with the corrupted animals and the fellow initiates as well if you have perceived darkness in their hearts. When you complete the whole initiation, you will get a cincture of sanctity which is a magical object.

You can use it to detect evil in any living being. This is the first step in becoming untainted.

This belt along with the others is very unique. The text in the description says that this belt reads the traits of its wearer as it knows the way you kill and the place where you worship.

It even knows who you are as you were once it. Very creepy indeed!

A mere beggar was the biggest scourge that happened to Abanazaar, Beelmalik, and Etheliel’s cults for a while as he used to send disastrous hurricanes where they used to hold meetings and he used to keep a sash from every high priest of the cult as a trophy.

Ashoret, the beggar was able to get a glimpse of Abbathus’ elemental power by tying all three together but at the same time he had to channel his faith to the Primordial of Change which is already long-forgotten. He was just a frail man but he has the strength of storms. This belt belongs to him

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