Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Unexpected Saviors Quest Guide

To get a decent idea of what you’re getting in to and tips for going in fully equipped, we have crafted this Wolcen Unexpected Saviors Quest Guide.

Unexpected Saviors is one of the main missions in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. It only takes a handful of objectives to complete this quest and is fairly simple.

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Unexpected Saviors Quest

The quest begins as you wash ashore and have been separated from Valeria. The quest will take you all the way to Stormfall, completing a few objectives on the way.


The objectives of the quest are as follows;

  1. Get out of the Larde
  2. Escape the Svriir Grotto
  3. Talk to Valeria
  4. Talk to the Stormfall Guard
  5. Enter Stormfall

Before you get into the Unexpected Saviors quest, here are a few tips; Keep on picking up and shifting between weapons and armor that you find along the way.

Use Q to heal yourself whenever you need it, otherwise, you’ll die and the quest will restart. Also, use skills as soon as your Willpower or Rage fills up to keep it simple.

The quest begins with the objective – ‘Get out of the Larde’. You have to kill a few goons through your way to reach a high ground whence you will get invited to an event – Friendly Fire.

Accepting it will teleport you to another location while also completing the first objective.

You will encounter Valeria in a short cutscene at the event location. The quest will move on to the second objective – ‘Escape the Svriir Grotto’.

Accompanied by Valeria, you’ll kill all the goons and keep moving through the way until you get to a point where a Winged Svriir appears.

It’s called Noxwing, to kill him be sure to equip armor and shield. Attack it when it turns around and it’ll die in no time.

Keep moving until you reach the Storm Fall gates. Once there, talk with Valeria to complete the third objective, after which she will depart. Talk to the Stormfall Guard there to be let into Stormfall.

At this point, you will gain a level and be awarded some skill points that you can assign to the Character Sheet (by pressing C) and Passive Skill Tree (pressing P).

Entering into the gates of Stormfall will end the fifth and the last objective and hence the Unexpected Saviors quest as well.

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