Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Turret Builds Guide

If you want to scratch that engineer itch in you, Wolcen will let you do that by spawning in turrets to rain some lead on your enemies. Our Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Turret Builds will suggest some of the best builds you can use in that case.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Turret Builds

The build includes a pistol and a catalyst for ranged attacks. Rather than using auto-aim we will use crowd stun as it will prove to be more useful in handling a horde of enemies.

There are a few skills that can be used to increase damage such as Railgun to increase gun damage but Bulwark of Dawn or Consuming Embers can also be used to increase the damage of the turret only which is less recommended.

Invest everything in ferocity to increase attack and spell critical chance but if you’re a beginner to this type gameplay invest some attributes into toughness as it will increase your health and force shield.

Skills & Modifiers

Avenger Autoturret
This is the main focus of the build as it will be producing the highest amount of damage. This turret should have High Caliber Ammunition, Twin Repeater and Ballistic Reinforcement for the highest amount of damage possible.

Autonomous Sensors is a must as it will be used to readjust the enemies which aren’t killed by the turret instantly the sensor will allow the turret to align itself to the position in which the enemy has moved.

Aether Jump
This is one of the most important skill, without which this build would be impossible. This skill allows us to warp away from the enemy.

The modifiers which should be used are Spirit of the Void for damage buff after the use of the skill, Time Paradox so the enemy is not able to CC you, for speed Escape Artist, Aethereal Bounce to increase the attack speed of the use of Aether Jump and March of the Time Devourers so we can have an escape as it will allow the skill to work but at an increased cost.

Winter’s Grasp
This skill is used to freeze mobs and boss which gives us more time to move away from them. This skill can also kill enemies which have low hp and increases the damage of the turret by 10%.

The modifiers which should be used are ice pawn to decrease the amount of time for the cooldown, Soul in Emanation which increases the damage, Admire from a Distance which will allow the skill to be cast at the position of the cursor.

Hail the Ice Queen which increases the damage dealt based on the base element of the skill as well as allies in the area will also receive a buff and finally Century of Cold Nights which reduces the time for the cooldown.

Deathrazer Railgun
This skill is used by this pistol and it is an active skill which allows the player to charge a shot to increase the damage it deals.

The modifiers include Aether Piercing Ammunition which stuns the enemy, Fragmented Rounds to increase the damage of the skill, Comfortable Distance to reduce cost, Frostbitten Salute to inflict frost damage.

Slow Learner to increase the change of a critical hit for every charge level, One Simple Shot to increase critical damage in turn of reduced damage and Internal Detonation which increases critical damage for slowed or stunned enemies.

Mark of Impurity
This skill will be used with the pistol and it is able the curse a target and gradually increase the damage it from the curse.

The modifiers include Weight of Culpability to increase the damage on marked enemies, Target Eliminated to increase the critical damage received by marked enemies, Guilt by Association to spread the mark when a target dies and A Sentence Accepted to further increase the damage received by marked enemies.

Passive skills
The passive skill tree can be used to increase multipliers and critical chance hence making it the main source to increase overall damage of the build.

First, we need to get Come What May Maniac Slaughter and Global Life Leach present in the sentinel. Use the soldier tree to get the Wild Card and Crit.

Use the assassin tree to get Marciless Lethality. Next, we aim toward Time Cannot Stop which comes after Time Weaver.

Now you can pick up frenzied blow and Twisted Obligation in Warlock Tree. Lastly, pick up Safe From Afar (Ranger Tree) and Academic Field Work (Exorcist Tree).

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