Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem The Gates of Fury Quest Guide

Fight through a prison block alongside Heimlock and Valeria in this guide to Gates of Fury quest for Wolcen Lords of Mayhem

This Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem The Gates of Fury Quest Guide will take you through one of the main quests you will be completing in your journey through the monster-ridden world of Wolcen.

The Gates of Fury quest has you chop your way through a number of mobs before you are finally able to face off the big baddie himself.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem The Gates of Fury Quest

The name of the quest is pretty badass, and you should have an easy time for the most part of it, the only part where it gets a little hard is when you have to fight Nicholas Cage for his National- , oh wait, wrong form of entertainment.

I meant Nikolas, The Spear of Balance. He’s a nifty guy. Following are all the steps of the quest.

  • Fight through Cell-H’s Remparts
  • Reach the Eastern Tower
  • Talk to Heimlock
  • Fight through Cell-G’s Remparts
  • Enter the Western Tower
  • Reach the Main Gate Opening Mechanism
  • Reach the Top of the Western Tower
  • Defend the Gate Mechanism Generator
  • Kill Nikolas, The Spear of Balance
  • Reach the Monolith’s Entrance
  • Talk to Heimlock
  • Talk to Valeria

The quest starts off with you and Heimlock side-by-side fighting off against the Cell-H’s rather rude prisoners. You and Valeria will then proceed to open the main gate.

In order to open the main gate and get through, you and Valeria will have to activate the mechanisms at the same time.


To get to your mechanism, fight through Cell-G and get ready to activate the mechanism.

Once done, head to the top of the Western Tower and launch the Gates of Crimson Keep event and start defending the Gate Mechanism Generator.

Kill Nikolas as he approaches you, make sure you are swift and do NOT stop moving and you should be good.

Next, clear your way to the ritual and finish the quest by talking to Heimlock and Valeria.

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