Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Support Builds Guide

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem presents the player the opportunity to mould their character into whatever they like by offering a gigantic skill tree giving different and unique bonuses. One such playstyle is for support players and we have some of the best Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Support Builds.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Support Builds

At first, all of this can look extremely intimidating; and by looking at certain statistics, items and with the help of a few references here and there, we are able to present you with two very capable builds to assist you in your fight against the darkness.

Ranged Frost Build

This build is effective for team play but falls short for solo play due to the need of always maintaining a distance between you and your targets.

Key Weapon
The Key weapon that this build will be using is a bow that is able to convert Physical Damage into Frost Damage. A recommended weapon would be the unique Driftwood miracle bow.

Considering the build revolves around Frost Damage, you are going to want to find gear that amplifies that aspect. Find anything that has a drastic increase in Elemental Damage and/or Crit Chance/Crit Damage.

Attributes to Focus
Go for Agility and Ferocity for this build. You need the extra mobility to make sure there is always distance between your enemies.

Offensive skills include the use of:

Phantom Blades

  • Range: 15m
  • Damage: 2015
  • Total Damage: 1486-2544
  • Physical Damage: 763-973
  • Frost Damage: 711-1532
  • Freeze Chance: 10.0%
  • Freeze Duration: 1.5s

Wailing Arrows

  • Rage Cost: 179
  • Range: 0m
  • Damage: 1457
  • Total Damage: 1140-1774
  • Physical Damage: 584-674
  • Freeze Chance: 10.0%
  • Freeze Duration: 1.5s

Avenger Autoturret

  • Rage Cost: 179
  • Range: 25m
  • Damage: 866
  • Total Damage: 647-1086
  • Physical Damage: 329-407
  • Frost Damage: 307-640
  • Freeze Chance: 10.0%
  • Freeze Duration: 1.5s

Phantom Blades and Wailing Arrows are your main source of damage to your enemies. The Autoturret is useful for boss damage and crowd control.

Defensive skills used include:


  • Rage Cost: 78
  • Range: 2m
  • Radius: 3.0m


  • Rage Cost: 107
  • Range: 0m
  • Resource Consuming Time: 2.0s

Duskshroud and Evasion work well together. Create a clone using Duskshroud and back off using Evasion to give yourself a short break.

Passive Skills
The first skill you are going to want to go for is the Backline Raider and head for Safe From Afar and Come What May, Wintry Hail afterwards, and then Hungry Stalactite and Pinch Runner.

Now go for The Wild Card and Second Wind; and finally select Static Transferral.

Backline Raider

  • Attack and spells go off faster
  • 50% Attack Speed Score
  • 50% Spell Casting Speed Score

Safe From Afar

  • The further your enemy, the more damage they take up to a certain limit.
  • 175% all projectiles damage, scaling with distance at 15m.

Come What May

  • Projectiles that hit an enemy at close range pierces them and can deal damage to the enemies behind them.
  • All Projectiles pierce every target within a 6m radius.

Wintry Hail

  • Basic Attack Projectiles bounce up to 2 times to Nearby Enemies in 10m radius.
  • 15% Frost Damage to Projectiles that have bounced.

Hungry Stalactite

  • Enemies are dealt 30% Damage per the amount of Pierce remaining on a Projectile after it Hits an Enemy.

Pinch Runner

  • Gain additional stamina points to use dodge rolls at low health. This ability has a cooldown.
  • Gain 3 Stamina Points when at 2% of Max Health or lower.

The Wild Card

  • Attacks and Spells are more likely to be critical hits.
  • 60% Critical Hit Chance Score.

Second Wind

  • When below a certain threshold of health, gain a burst of Health Regen, this ability has a cooldown.
  • When under 2% of Max Health, gain a burst of Health Regeneration.

Static Transferral

  • 6% Damage per “Overload” Point. Basic Attacks generate 1 “Overload” Point up to a maximum of 6. Using a skill consumes all “Overload” Points but doubles Damage of the skill.

Holyfire Crusader

Having fast clear speed and the ability to simply kill enemies with the initial burst of damage; this build stands out amongst the others. Its high effectiveness comes at a cost, and that being simplicity. The Holyfire Crusader build is a nightmare to build, and although you might appreciate the large amount of damage, you might not like the playstyle very much.

Key Weapon
Quintet of Sundowns is the shield you need to make this build happen. Primarily because this shield allows you to cast Sacred Spells without even using a stave. The sword we recommend for this build is the Vulcain Steel Sword; however, there is room for flexibility with the sword.

Your gear should try to get the following types of statistics as high as possible:

  • Physical Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Sacred Damage
  • Ferocity
  • Life Leech
  • Attack Speed Score
  • Crit Chance / Critical Hit

Attributes to Focus
Judging from the build’s playstyle, it is best to focus on Ferocity and Toughness throughout the course of your journey.

We suggest you employ the use of the following skills and modifying them with the mentioned modifiers.

Flight of Gaavanir
Howl of Battle
Thunderous Impact
Blazing Fury
Stones Casting Shadows
Standing Boulder

Bulwark of Dawn
Everlasting Aurora
Vitality Exhumed
Sacred Grounds
Blade of Truth
Divine Omnipresence

Holy Ground
Sudden Dehydration
Hope’s Arrival

Bleeding Edge
Shredding Edge
Bladed Meteorite
Unstoppable Momentum
Astral Orbit

Crushing Wall
Prideful Deflagration
Heralded Pavis
Cold Steel
Vibrations Internalized

Using Juggernaut, you can make yourself the center of focus of the entire battle; and using AoE attacks; Bleeding Edge and Light Bringer in that particular order, you can teleport yourself out whilst dealing a ton of AoE damage. If you find yourself short of health, or your allies for that matter; simply use Bulwark of Dawn to heal yourself and your allies.

Passive Skills
We managed to select the following skills, and found they were best suited for the Holyfire Crusader.

Attrition Strategist

  • Every hit is more likely to inflict an ailment on its target.
  • 60% Status Ailment Chance Score

Grievous Afflictions

  • Hits can usually only apply one ailment type. Now 2 different ailments can be applied with the same hit.

Furious Appetite

  • Passively generate Rage instead of Willpower.

Blistering Embrace

  • When hitting an enemy with an attack, 10% chance to consume the burn stacks you inflicted when their burn stacks exceed 5, increasing damage of the hit by 10% per consumed stack.

Dawn’s Pious Striker

Dealing Sacred Damage instantly kills enemies below 15% of their max health.

Unflagging Prayer

  • All nearby allies are resurrected when your health drops below 0 of maximum.
  • All nearby allies gain 30% boost to all resistance score when allies are resurrected.

Feast for the Crows

  • Give all forms of damage Life Leech. Life Leech heals you on the next tick of Health Regeneration.
  • 2% Global Life Leech.

The Wild Card

  • Attacks and Spells are more likely to be critical hits.
  • 60% Critical Hit Chance Score.

Second Wind

  • When below a certain threshold of health, gain a burst of Health Regen, this ability has a cooldown.
  • When under 2% of Max Health, gain a burst of Health Regeneration.

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