Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Sirkis Boss Guide

In the first act of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, you are going to come across Sirkis, Bane of the Storm. This guide will focus on the Wolcen Sirkis Boss and help you defeat him.

Sirkis is the first boss that you will encounter on The Coast of Wrecks. Since he is the first boss, he will come out as a complex boss hence you would require some strategies and tactics to defeat him.

Wolcen Sirkis Boss

Firstly, you should know about the attacks that Sirkis is going to use on you. These attacks include Jumps, Swings, Fire breathing, and Summoning minions. You should know when to attack and dodge the boss.

When Sirkis jumps, it allows him to be mobile and he changes positions. Not only that, but his jump will also stun you which is going to damage you as well as leave you open for Sirkis’ attacks. You are going to lose health points due to the jump.

When you hear the roaring sound coming out of your boss, this means that Sirkis has summoned his minions who are going to come to fight you.

You need to take care of them first and fight them before they come in your way and do you more damage.

Sirkis swing attack comes with multiple swings with his paws out. It will throw you off and while you are regaining and trying to get the upper hand, you will lose a lot of health points.

To avoid this attack, all you can do is maintain a safe distance from the boss and wait till he gets done with it.

Another of Sirkis attacks the Fire breathing attack where he releases a streak of fire which sets you on fire and does you a lot of damage. You need to be mobile in order to save yourself from the attack.

Use your sword to attack Sirkis and try to avoid getting in front of him. Attack more on legs and back and try not to attack the head if it brings you under his attacks.

Once you weaken him enough, he’ll be completely vulnerable to your attacks.