Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Sinadrahel Boss Guide

Making your way through the Illusions of Peace’s objectives, you will find yourself at the mercy of Sinadrahel and his two allies, namely being Lathaï: Echo of the Sleeper and Ulzerog, Maw of Ashtarath. Our guide will show you how to defeat Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Sinadrahel Boss.

Now, considering this is still an early-game quest, you will be facing a bit of a challenge facing off against these 3 opponents. They aren’t merciful, and they sure as hell don’t slow down with the onslaught of their attacks.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Sinadrahel Boss

As you reach the final objective of the quest Illusions of Peace, you will be tasked to banish Sinadrahel and his allies (LathaÏ and Ulzerog).

Sinadrahel himself is a formidable opponent in his own right, but Lathaï and Ulzerog are menacing foes as well; which is why you must be conscious of the attacks each enemy throws at you, and act accordingly.

Impaling Spikes
Ulzerog will cast his burning spikes underneath you by slamming the ground; get out of the red AoE area in order to avoid taking damage.

Frost is Lathaï’s area of expertise, and he will be dealing frost damage to your character consistently including this attack. A rectangular area is marked, and as the charge is completed, Lathaï will unleash the blizzard upon you, dodge if possible.

Charge Attack
Sinadrahel will be constantly charging towards you with his claws. Try to keep a distance between you and him and time your attacks in between the initiation of each of his charges.

Sword Slash
Ulzerog will charge towards you with a sword attack.

Facing Off Against Sinadrahel
The main hurdle in this fight will be dealing off with Ulzerog and Lathaï.

These two will be constantly unleashing spells that deal AoE damage on you, which makes dodging extremely annoying and necessary. Focus on both of them, and clear them out as soon as you can.

Once you have defeated these two, all you need to do is deal with Sinadrahel by timing your attacks in between his charges, and chip away at his health slowly. The boss fight will take 4 minutes to complete.

Mobility is key to staying alive in this fight. Keep moving in order to avoid the spells of Sinadrahel’s allies. There needs to be a constant distance between you and the demons.

If they close in on you, things will get rough; try to use an evasive move whenever this happens.

Sinadrahel has a high health count, and the boss is mostly easy once you beat the two side-kicks. All you need to do towards the end is slowly and painfully end the existence of Sinadrahel as he hopefully slashes at you with his claws.

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