Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Secrets of Anankis Quest Guide

Secrets of Anankis is the final quest of Act 1 and in this Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Secrets of Anankis Quest guide, we will show you how to complete it and progress to Act 2 of the game after defeating the final boss.

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Secrets of Anankis Quest

The Secrets of Anankis quest as a whole has a number of tasks and missions that you need to complete in order to mark the quest complete.

Here is the list of things that you need to do:

  • Open the Gate of Anankis
  • Enter the Halls of Anankis
  • Explore the First Floor
  • Pursue the Cultist
  • Reach the Next Floor
  • Explore the Area
  • Talk to the Cultist
  • Fear no Evil – Silence the Whisper of Anameterassii
  • Reach the Core
  • Enter the Core
  • Face Judgement
  • No Matter the Odds – Subjugate Justicar Edric
  • Resist Edric
  • Kill your Brother
  • Talk to the Primordial Guardian Spirit

You need to perform all these tasks in the same order as they are mentioned above. Go to the Anankis palace and explore the area.

The first few tasks are pretty simple, just explore the area and then you will face off with the Neiddrerym Boss. Just look out for its attacks and attack when it stops and you will be able to defeat this boss easily.

Go to the next floor and explore the area again and you will face another boss Tainted Primordial Guardian. Just dodge his fire attacks and when he stops, attack him and you will be able to defeat it very easily.

Then you will face Yudai, Whisper of Anameterassi boss when you launch the event Fear no evil.

He is a difficult boss, he will attack you with his claws, attacking with lost souls and surrounding you with soul circle.

Keep moving when he disappears and when he comes back just attack him from left and right, go away from him immediately when you are surrounded with soul circle. Keep repeating and kill him.

Talk to Mizzeonth after the fight and after the talk go to The Core and fight with the final boss of Act I, Edric.

Edric is a powerful boss and keeps dodging when he moves around and when he stops and drops his guard attack him. Keep an eye on the firebombs and repeat the process until you kill him.

After the fight talk to the Primordial Guardian Spirit and this will mark the ending of the Secrets of Anankis mission.