Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Secret Bosses Guide

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem presents you with tough enemies as you go through the game; but you might have missed a few, considering they weren’t actually meant to be found that easily. To help with those, we prepared this Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Secret Bosses guide.

These secret enemies/bosses give you achievements for killing them and are entirely optional. If you’re aiming for a 100% completion, then you are going to want to know each of their locations.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Secret Bosses

Before you start your first playthrough, it’d be better if you get well-acquainted of each of these buggers’ locations; and for that you have us.

This guide should help you understand how to get to each of the bosses and consequently earn the achievement associated with each one of them.

Queen Amadalah
Queen Amadalah can be encountered in the first act of the game. She is found in the top right corner of the map near Farmlands. She’s a dangerous boss with minions at her beckon. You can easily beat her by keeping her minions out of the picture.

Kill them as they spawn and the rest of the fight should be really easy. Killing the Queen rewards, you with the achievement ‘Vaultmarcher Regicide’.

Mistshaper Malikia
Next in line of the secret baddies list is Mistshaper Malikia. He is a necromancer, and a pretty easy one at that.

He can be found around the corner from the starting of the Helmshire map, after you meet Gernese for the first time. Malikia is slow, you probably won’t even get a chance to see all of his attacks, and you will be done wiping him off.

There’s not much challenge to him, so just jump in, use the strongest attacks you have and be on your merry way. Malikia’s desolation will give you the ‘Shoot the Caster First’ achievement.

Big Bertha – Living Ram
Big Bertha is probably the toughest of the lot. She’s big, and has a number of AoE attacks.

She will deploy electrical balls around herself in order to hinder your movement. Make sure to keep moving in this bossfight, avoid everything that’s red, and keep an eye out for her laser attacks.

Bertha can be found around the corner from Cell H at the end of the battlefield section from Act 3. Killing her rewards, you with the ‘Living Ram’ achievement.

Once you have killed Amadalah, Malikia, and Bertha, you will have successfully hunted down all of the secret bosses, and gotten yourself 3 achievements closer to 100% completion.

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