Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Nerukai Boss Guide

Nerukai is a main story boss in Lords of Mayhem. He is encountered in the second act of the game. The boss is encountered during the Demon Hunting phase of Dawnbringer quest. This page covers Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Nerukai Boss moves, attack strategies and general tips.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Nerukai Boss

As you encounter him, he will ask you about your kind and have a brief conversation with you. As soon as you are done, he’ll transform, initiating the battle.

Nerukai has allies from the start of the fight. The best way to eliminate the enemy units id by using the apocalyptic form.

Use your strength to quickly take out all the smaller allies he has and start attacking him relentlessly afterwards.

One of the most strong attack Nerukai will through at you is his airwave that will stun you. Try your best to avoid it by dodging to avoid getting stunned.

Another stun move he uses is going underground, and stunning you by emerging under you. Keep moving around the arena and dodge at the right time to avoid getting stun and taking damage.

The enemy can also fire homing projectiles that hit pretty easily. Again keep moving around during the battle to avoid them. Dodge at the right time to avoid all projectiles.

In addition, to these, Nerukai will shot beams towards you. One of them will be a single direction and will slow you down, allowing him to approach you or shoot you.

Second, he’ll shoot a laser type beam over an angle. This will stunlock you and deal high damage. Luckily both the beams are very easy to dodge and can be easily used to attack him.

The best strategy is to always first take out the allies he calls. Once the allies are out, dodge Nerukai’s attacks and through a few follow-ups. Use the apocalyptic form to quickly wipe out allies to Nerukai.

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