Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Mercy Boss Guide

After saving Zima from the wooden jail, your next mission will be killing the boss known as Mercy. You’ll encounter Mercy in the Creeping Shadows Quest. In this Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Mercy Boss Guide, we’ve given a walkthrough leading you to Mercy’s Arena along with the tips for defeating this Boss.

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Mercy Boss

After entering Mercy’s arena, you’ll be given an Objective to kill his Champions.

The champions you need to defeat are:

  • Toxicmaster Toremy
  • Ebberus the Counselor
  • Mazzara The One That Knows
  • Exotic Beasts
  • Majaran Brothers (Cleg, Simo, Lann Majaran)
  • Augustea
  • Tribal Raider

Once you’ve taken care of the champions, your next challenge will be fighting Mercy in brutal combat. Mercy has many moves in his arsenal however, the most dangerous one is when he spins his axes and attacks you.

At this point, only one option is left and that is using your special skills. The highest recommended skill to use against Mercy is the Strife of Baäpheth which can be found in the Aspect of War.

This skill allows you to transform into a pristine being and unleash a blade of flame, allowing the use of extremely powerful attacks that will destroy Mercy in no time.

Once Mercy has been defeated, you will have completed the Creeping Shadows quest.

Mercy makes another appearance later on during the Dawnbringer quest of Wolcen but the fight pattern remains the same so you should have no trouble defeating him again.

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