Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Meet The Purifiers Quest Guide

As you know there are many quests in the Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem and in this guide we are going to focus on the Wolcen Meet the Purifiers quest of the game.

Meet the Purifiers is a main quest of the game and this guide will take you through the quest as well as the boss fight that awaits you at the end.

Wolcen Meet the Purifiers Quest

There are a variety of missions in this quest as a whole and these are the tasks that players can acquire and complete throughout the game and here we have the list of all the tasks and missions that are a part of the quest:

  • Reach the Laughing Sea Gal’
  • Enter the Inn
  • Find Valeria
  • Talk to the Innkeeper
  • Defeat the Alastor
  • Find the Flayer Outpost
  • Enter the Flayer Outpost
  • Journey through the Flayers Territory
  • Leave the Flayer Territory
  • Battleborns – Survive the Flayer Ambush
  • Battleborns – Slay Naarlog
  • Find the Purifiers’ Camp
  • Cross the Ravaged Camp
  • Talk to the Wounded Knight
  • Leave the Ravaged Camp
  • Reach the Purifiers’ Camp
  • Enter the Purifiers’ Camp
  • Talk to Heimlock
  • Leave the Area

As you can see these are the tasks that you need to do in the order as it is given above, first go to the Laughing Sea Gal and enter the Inn and find Valeria.

These are some simple tasks and then you will have to fight and defeat Alastor boss.

Keep in mind that he can disappear and then attacks you so look out for that, just keep moving to dodge his attacks when he disappears and attack him when he becomes visible and kill him.

Then after defeating Alastor go and find the Flayer Outpost, enter it and there you will find some enemies so just kill them. After that go through the Flayer territory and here you will have to face and survive against the Purifier.

Then launch the Battleborns event and now the Naarlog Boss fight will start, slay the Naarlog boss, he will attack you by turning around his own axis with his weapon. Just keep a distance while he is attacking and attack him when he stops.

After the boss fight get to the Ravaged camp and here you will find a wounded knight, just talk to him and then leave the place.

Get to Purifiers’ camp to reach the Grand Inquisitor Heimlock and plead your case there about the supposed witchcraft. This will mark the end of the quest Meet the Purifiers in Lords of Mayhem.